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26.11.2000 10:41:49

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 487 The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster DX Bulletin No. 487 BID: $OPDX.487 November 24, 2000 Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AI2Q, KF2TI, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & The 59(9) DX Report, W3UR & The Daily DX, KN4UG, N6RT, WC7N, K8YSE, NE8Z/HC1MD, W9RB, CO8TW, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, JF6OJX, LA4KQ, LA9GY, LU7EE, SM3TLG, UZ8RR and VK2GJH for the following DX information. Also a special thanks to Bill, NG3K, for the "CQWW Announced Operations" chart. EARLY EDITION!! FOR LAST MINUTE ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THE CQ WORLD-WIDE DX CW CONTEST!! THERE WERE PLENTY OF STATIONS WARMING UP FOR THE CONTEST THIS PAST WEEK!!!!! 5A, LIBYA. 5A1A was heard a few times this past week on 12 meters. Check around on 24915 or 24950 kHz. The station was also heard on 10 meters CW and 15 meters SSB (DX net 21355). All operations took place between 1500 and 1800z. 5C, MOROCCO. The Bavarian Contest Club has been on the air as 5C8M preparing to enter the CQWW CW Contest as CN8WW. Activity will last until November 27th. QSL via bureau to DL6FBL or direct to DL6FBL: Bernd Och, Chr.-Wirth-Str. 18, D-36043 Fulda, Germany. 8P9, BARBADOS. Look for John, K4BAI, to sign 8P9Z in the CQWW CW Contest and 8P9HT after the contest. He will be there until November 29th. A3, TONGA. "The 59(9) DX Report" states that Paul, A35RK, will be active in the CQWW CW Contest as a Single Op/All Bands/Low Power entry. QSL via W7TSQ. A6, U.A.E. Station A61AJ was quite active during the past week on the lower frequencies probably warming up for their Multi/Multi effort in the contest this weekend. QSL via W3UR. AP, PAKISTAN. Bob, AP2JZB, was heard active on 12 and 10 meters. Some reports state he was begging for a QSO. Check 24955 and around 28527 kHz between 1330 and 1430z. C2, NAURU. Jack Haden, VK2GJH, has announced that the final details concerning his December 10-22nd C21JH operation has been put in place. Emphasis will be placed on 50 MHz with limited activity on 80-10 meters and 29 MHz FM as time permits. If you want to learn more about this operation and Nauru in general, go to the following Web page, click on the "C21JH" box in the left hand column, at: http://web.one.net.au/~vk4cp QSLing is via VK2GJH direct only. CO8, CUBA. Juan, CO8TW, reports that he will be in the CQWW DX CW Contest as a Single Operator/Low Power/Single Band (15 or 10 meters) entry. QSL via: Juan Carlos Veranes, CO8TW, Po Box 8, Santiago de Cuba, CP 90100, CUBA. He will have his contest log available online at: http://www.qsl.net/co8tw/ EA8, CANARY ISLAND. Look for Heijo, DJ1OJ, to be active as EA8/DJ1OJ. Heijo arrived there last week and will be active until he leaves Tenerife in March 2001. He said to QSL via his home callsign via the bureau. EP, IRAN. Club station EP4PTT was heard active this past week on 28331 and 28341 kHz around 1400 to 1430z. According to "QRZ DX", the station is in Shiraz and operated by Hamid/EP3HR and Yar/EP3SP. QSL via: c/o Directorate of Telecommunications, Box 11365-931, Tehran, Iran. Also, Ali, EP2MKO, continues to be very active on 30/12/10 meters between 1300 and 1500z, but has been heard on 30 meters as late as 2330z. QSL via UA6HCW. FO0/A/M, AUSTRALS AND MARQUSAS ISLAND OPERATION WRAP-UP. FO0WEG and FO0POM operated by SP9FIH and SQ9LR have returned home. During their 11 day operation from Tubuai (Australs OC-152) they made over 15000 QSOs. Their 4 days operation from Nuku Hiva (Marquesas OC-027) added 5300 QSOs to make their total 20300 QSOs for the whole DXpedition. Operations were on 80-6m only barefoot, using a 3 element tribander Cushcraft A3S, Butternut HF9V vertical and 5 element beam for 6m. QSL cards will be sent at the end of December. QSL route is via SP9FIH: Box 480, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland (other address with street name given by some DX services is OK, but not preferable). HC, ECUADOR. Dr. Rick, NE8Z, will be operating from Tumbaco, Ecuador as HC1MD from November 25th through December 11th. Activity will be on 80-10 meters CW/SSB using a Kenwood TS680s/Collins 3OL-1 amp (600 watts)/Carolina Windom antenna. He will also be on 6 meters CW/SSB (150 watts + 3 element yagi). Rick will travel to different areas in HC-land and will sign HC1MD/HC(?). He will be portable, operating from remote locations, including "INSIDE" the cones of different volcanos at very high altitudes. These operations will be mainly on 20 meters CW with 100w + 20m Inverted Vee. He states, "Working SSB pileups are very difficult to do at high altitudes and the lack of oxygen." He will also be looking for the following new DXCC entities for his HC1MD DXCC: East Timor (4W6MM, 4W6GH, 4W6UN), Austral Islands & Laos (any assistance/ideas will be appreciated -- Send E-mail at " ne8z@yahoo.com " while he is in HC-land.) QSL via K8LJG: John Kroll, 3528 Craig Drive, Flint, MI 48506 USA. Also, please view the HC-DX AWARDS at: http://www.octavia.com/qsl/awards.htm HS, THAILAND. Fred, K3ZO, was heard this past week operating from HS0ZAR on 40 and 20 meters SSB. Look for him to join the crew at HS0AC during the CQWW CW Contest as a Multi/Multi entry this weekend. Ray, HS0/G3NOM, states to look for HS station during the contest between 1834-1836 kHz and 3534-3536 kHz. IOTA NEWS............ OC-201. Hans, SM3TLG, will be active as ZL/SM3TLG from Waiheke Island, December 3-9th. Activity will be on CW/SSB. QSL to homecall direct or via the bureau. JD1, MINAMI TORISHIMA. Katsumi, JD1BCK, has been active on 15 meters SSB. Check 21325 kHz after 2300z. He is expected to be here until August 2001. QSL direct only via JM1TUK. JW, SVALBARD. Borge Holte, LA4KQ, informs OPDX that he will be active as JW5E, Zone 40, during the CQWW contest. Activity will be on all bands. JW, SVALBARD. Morten, LA9GY, informs OPDX that he will be active as JW9GY (Longyearbyen) from December 1-4th. He hopes to take part in the ARRL 160-meter Contest with the call JW8G. For more information check the Web page at: http://home.online.no/~antonsen LU, ARGENTINA. Arnoldo Jorge Corda (Tito), LU7EE, will be active in the CQ Contest as LU7EE/QRP as a Single Band entry on 15 meters. QSL via his QSL Manager EA5RD. NEW OFFICERS. At the November 2000 meeting of the North Jersey DX Association, the following members were elected to the 2000-2001 Executive Committee: Ron Levy/K2CO President, Stefan Kurylko/N2TN Vice-President, Steven Adell/KF2TI Secretary and Gene Ingrahan/N2BIM Treasurer. Visit the North Jersey DX Association's Web page at: http://www.njdxa.org NOT THE QSL MANAGER. Your editor (KB8NW) still continues to receive inquires about being QSL Manager for 5R8O because some databases list me as manager. I repeat, I AM NOT THE QSL MANAGER. Please pass the word and correct your QSL databases. The correct QSL Manager for 5R8O is 5R8FL. P4, ARUBA. Rob, W9RB, told OPDX that he will be doing a little DXpeditioning soon as P40RB operating from the QTH of AI6V/P49V in Aruba, November 26th through December 3rd. Activity will be including the ARRL 160M Contest. His operations will be mainly CW, and probably mainly evenings except during the contest. QSL to W9RB CBA. QSL INFO AND NEWS.............. Doug, N6RT, reports that the logs for the recent ZM8CW operation by Jacky, ZL3CW/F2CW, are now available at: http://dx.qsl.net/logs Several have asked what the address for 7M4PTE, QSL Manager for S21YH is. If you have it, send it to the OPDX so we can publish it. S07U/S07CRS AND 5T5U PIXS. Tad, JF6OJX, reports that he has uploaded pictures of S07U/S07CRS and 5T5U operations to his homepage. If you are interested in their operations, check the Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/ndxa/pedi/pedi.html Be looking for a log search page coming soon. SPECIAL EVENT. In connection with the closing of the Chernobyl Atomic Power Plant, a group of Ukraine operators UX1RY, UX2RV, UY2RA, UY2RO, UR0RR, US5RR, UT0RW and UZ8RR will be active from December 14-16th, using the special callsign EN23RW. QSL via direct to UX2RY: Andre Arsiyanz, P.O. Box 14, Slavutich-3, 07100 Kiev oblast UKRAINE. VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. Donald, KN4UG, will operate as VP5AZ from January 19-30th (2001), from Providenciales Island. He plans to be in the 160 Meter CW Contest and the NA QSO party. All QSLs go to KN4UG: Donald Namm, 103 Birkhaven Drive, Cary, NC 27511. XT, BURKINA FASO. Harold, XT2AW, was very active on CW on the WARC bands (as well as 10 meters) this past week. He was heard on 7007, 10106, 14035, 18070, 24902 and 28028 kHz. Most of his activity was between 0030 and 0630z. QSL via DF2WO. YI, IRAQ. A couple of stations were active this past week on 12 and 10 meters. YI9KU was heard on CW on 28026 kHz at 1530z. QSL via DL9KU. Peter, YI9OM, was active on 24894 kHz between 1330 and 1430z. QSL via OM6TX. YJ, VANUATU (Update, refer to OPDX.483). "The Prairie DX Group" is now active as YJ0PD on all bands CW/SSB (especially the WARC bands). Look for them to be active in the CQWW CW Contest. They are expected to use the callsigns YJ0V. A press release by Rod, WC7N, reports their following planned schedule for YJ0PD: 0000z 20 meters RTTY 0300-0600z 50.110 MHz 0645-0715z 3789 kHz 0700z 40 Meters - either SSB or CW depending on activity 1000z 1830-1833 kHz 1330-1500z 3519 kHz Their schedule depends on how long they stay on each one of the above bands. QSL route for YJ0PD and YJ0V is via N9PD. DO NOT send QSLs via the YJ bureau! For more information, check the Web page at: http://www.n9pd.com ZA, ALBANIA. ZA1M was active on 17 and 12 meters this past week. Check around 18072, 24897 and 24908 kHz between 1230 and 1730z. QSL via IK2HTW. Also heard was Ben, ZA1K, on 28040 kHz at 1600z. QSL to: Box 7464, Tirana, Albania. ZD8, ASCENSION ISLAND. Jim, N6TJ, is once again active as ZD8Z now through December 9th. Look for him to be a 10 meter Single Band entry in the CQWW DX CW Contest. QSL via VE3HO. ZK2, NIUE (Update, refer to OPDX.479). Bill, W7TVF, is now active here as ZK2VF until December 10th. He has been very active on 40 and 30 meters between 0400 and 0630z, but is expected to be on 160-6 meters. He will listen especially for Europe, Africa or South America. QSL via W7TVF: Bill Dawson, P.O. Box 4049, Pahrump, NV 89061, USA. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following list of announced operations for the CQWW CW 2000 Contest as of 1411z, November 24th, 2000, was derived from the NG3K "CQWW CW Announced Operations" Web page. For updates and fuller details (including many QSL addresses, operational specifics, E-mail & Web page links) refer to: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2000.html Call DXCC CQZ Class QSL 3DA0NL Swaziland 38 SOAB ZS6ANL 3V8BB Tunisia 33 SOAB YT1AD 3W2LWS Viet Nam 27 WA1LWS 4F7RWW Philippines 27 DL4OCM/Direct 4M5X Venezuela 09 SOSB/20 W4SO 4N8/LZ1BJ Yugoslavia 15 LZ Buro 4X3A Israel 20 SOSB/160 WA4WTG 5X1Z Uganda 37 SOSB/10? SM6CAS 6Y7A Jamaica 08 TBA KN5H 7J6CEC Japan 25 SOAB AC6ZM/Buro 7S2E Sweden 14 SOSB/10 SM2DMU 8P9Z Barbados 08 K4BAI 8Q7WW Maldives 22 M/S DL5XAT 9A2L Croatia 15 M/S 9A3AG 9A3GW Croatia 15 SOSB/20 9A3GW 9G5AA Ghana 35 GM4FDM 9H3? Malta 15 SOAB DF4SA 9M6AAC East Malaysia 28 SOAB N2OO 9M6NA East Malaysia 28 SOAB JE1JKL 9M6SMT East Malaysia 28 M/S JF1SQC A35RK Tonga 32 SOAB W7TSQ A61AJ UA Emirates 21 M/M W3UR AH2R Guam 27 M/S JH7QXJ B4R China 24 Jiangsu DX Club B7K China 24 M/S W2AY BA4DW China 24 BA4DW BA4EG China 24 BA4EG BA4TB China 24 BA4TB/Direct BY1DX China 24 OH2BH C56VB Gambia 35 OH2VB C6A/WA3WSJ Bahamas 08 QRP WA3WSJ C6AKP Bahamas 08 SOAB N4RP C6AKW Bahamas 08 SOAB K3TEJ CN8WW Morocco 33 M/M DL6FBL CO8LY Cuba 08 SOAB EA7ADH/Direct CO8TW Cuba 08 SOAB CO8TW/Direct CQ9K Madeira 33 SOAB CT3BX Madeira 33 SOAB HB9CRV CX5X Uruguay 13 SOSB/10 W3HNK/Direct CX9AU Uruguay 13 TBD KA5TUF D4A Cape Verde 35 SOAB I2MQP DF0HQ Germany 08 M/M Buro DL2DXA/HI9 Dominican Rep 08 DX1S Philippines 27 SOAB KU9C EA6IB Balearic Is 14 M/S EA8BH Canary Is 33 SOAB OH2BH EK8WY Armenia 21 SOAB IZ8CLM ER6A Moldova 16 ER1LW ES9C Estonia 15 M/M ES5RY F5IN France 14 M/S Auto FG/N0JK Guadeloupe 08 N0JK FK8HC New Caledonia 32 SOSB/15 VK4FW FM5BH Martinique 08 SOSB/10 W3HNK/Direct FY5KE French Guiana 09 SOAB TBA G1Y England 14 SOSB/15 G0FOS GD4UOL Isle of Man 14 G4UOL GJ2A Jersey 14 M/S MJ0BJU GM7V Scotland 14 SOAB ZS5BBO HC8N Galapagos 10 M/M AA5BT HI3K Dominican Rep 08 SOSB? AD4Z HR1ERL Honduras 07 SOAB HR1ERL/Direct HS0/G4UZN Thailand 26 G4UZN HS0AC Thailand 26 M/M G3NOM HZ1AB Saudi Arabia 21 SOAB K8PYD IH9P Italy 33 SOSB/40 OK1MG IQ3X Italy 15 SOSB/10 IV3HAX IR4D Italy 15 SOSB/15 IK4MED IU4T Italy 15 SOSB/15 IK4MTF J3G Grenada 08 M/S G3TXF J3A? Grenada 08 M/M WA1S J75KG Dominica 08 M/S N2AU J79GU Dominica 08 DL7VOG JA3YBK Japan 25 M/M Buro JE4VVM Japan 25 M/S Buro JY9NX Jordan 20 SOAB JH7FQK JW5E Svalbard 40 M/S LA5NM KH6/W6QU Hawaii 31 SOSB/15 W8QZA KP2/OK5DX Virgin Islands 08 OKDXF L99D Argentina 13 SOAB LU7DW LA6YEA Norway 14 SOSB/40 LA6YEA LP1F Argentina 13 LU5FC LU5FZ Argentina 13 SOSB/15 Buro LU7EE Argentina 13 SOSB/15 EA5RD LX/DL4SDX Luxembourg 14 M/S DL8SCG LY5G Lithuania 15 SOAB LY2FE LY5W Lithuania 15 SOAB LY1DR LY9A Lithuania 15 SOAB LY3BA LZ1UQ Bulgaria 20 SOSB/10 LZ1UQ/Buro LZ2FV Bulgaria 20 SOSB/160 LX2FV LZ7G Bulgaria 20 SOSB/20 LZ1NK/Direct MJ0ASP Jersey 14 SOSB/20 F5SHQ MU2K Guersey 14 M/S OH3LQK NH0S Mariana Is 27 M/S JF2SKV OD5/OK1MU Lebanon 20 SOSB/15 OKDXF OH0N Aland Is 15 SOSB/15 OH1BOI OH0R Aland Is 15 SOAB OH2TA OH0V Aland Is 15 SOSB/10 OH6LI OH0Z Aland Is 15 M/M OH2EH OH1F Finland 15 SOAB Buro OH1MM Finland 15 SOSB/15 OH1MM OH2BH Finland 15 SOSB/20 Buro OH2U Finland 15 M/M OH2IW OH6NIO Finland 15 SOAB OH6NIO OL7W Czech Republic 15 M/M OK1DUT OM8A Slovakia 15 M/S OM3RM OT0T Belgium 14 SOAB ON4UN OZ5W Denmark 14 M/M OZ1KRF OZ5WQ Denmark 14 M/M Buro P29VPY Papua/NG 28 SOAB KQ1F P40E Aruba 09 SOAB W3HNK/Direct PB6X Netherlands 14 M/S PA3HBB PI4COM Netherlands 14 SOSB/15 PA3CAL PJ2T Neth Antilles 09 M/S KN7Y PP4F Brazil 11 SOAB PY4FQ PQ2Q Brazil 11 SOAB PY2WC PY3AN Brazil 11 SOSB/10 PY3AN/CBA PY3FBI Brazil 11 SOSB/15 PY3FBI/CBA PZ5JR Surinam 09 K3BYV RA0FF Russia (Asia) 19 SOAB N6FF or CBA RA0FU Russia (Asia) 19 SOAB N6FF or CBA RD4M Russia (Eur) 16 Buro or Direct RI4M Russia (Eur) 16 RN4LP RU1A Russia (Eur) 16 M/S RU1AE/Buro RW2F Kaliningrad 15 M/M DK4VW RW9QA Russia (Asia) 17 SOAB W3HNK/Direct or Direct SN4T Poland 15 SOSB/15 SP4TKR SV/OK1YM Greece 20 SOSB/40 OKDXF SV1NA Greece 20 SOSB/160 SV1NA TA3D Turkey 20 SOSB/40 TA3D TI5N Costa Rica 07 SOAB TI5KD TS7N Tunisia 33 M/S DL6BCF UA0FDX Russia (Asia) 19 SOSB/15 UA0FDX UA0YAY Russia (Asia) 23 SOAB IK2QPR UA9OA Russia (Asia) 18 SOSB/10 UA9OA UR6L Ukraine 16 UR5LCV UV5Q Ukraine 16 SOAB UX7QQ V26K Antigua 08 SOAB AA3B V47KP St Kitts Nevis 08 K2SB V8A Brunei 28 SOAB JH7FQK VE2IM Canada 02 SOAB VA3UZ VP5DX Turks Caicos 08 NU4Y VP5GN Turks Caicos 08 SOAB K5GN VP5MM Turks Caicos 08 YU1FW VP9/NC8V Bermuda 05 NC8V W7DRA/KH6 Hawaii 31 SOSB/40 W7DRA XE1RGL Mexico 06 XE1RGL XV9SW Viet Nam 26 SM3CXS YJ0V Vanuatu 32 M/M N9PD YL0A Latvia 15 SOAB YL2KA/CBA YL2GD Latvia 15 SOAB YL2GD YL2KO Latvia 15 SOAB YL2KO/CBA YL3DW Latvia 15 SOSB/15 Buro YL6Z Latvia 15 SOSB/10 YL3CW YL7A Latvia 15 SOAB YL2GM YL7C Latvia 15 SOAB YL2MD YL8M Latvia 15 SOAB YL2KL/CBA YT7R Yugoslavia 15 SOAB YU7CB YV1DIG Venezuela 09 SOSB/160 YV1AVO ZC4BS UK Sov Bases 20 SOSB/10 G4KIV ZC4DW UK Sov Bases 20 SOSB/20 G0DEZ/Buro ZC4ZM UK Sov Bases 20 SOAB ZC4ZM ZF2AM Cayman Is 08 SOSB/15 K6AM ZF2LA Cayman Is 08 SOSB/40 K9LA ZF2RR Cayman Is 08 SOSB/10 N9XX ZF2SA Cayman Is 08 K3SA ZK1VVV South Cook Is 32 SOAB W7VV -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SPECIAL NOTE BY EDITOR: If you are having a problem receiving bounced mail by sending mail to me via " kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org ", please send mail to me via " kb8nw@arrl.net "...... 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To access: 1) Dial Number. 2) Wait for first ring (the second ring should be a false ring from the fax/data switch box) and then dial four quick ones ("1111"). (NOTE: Some FAX machines that send single "BEEPS" every second will not have to do this step.) 3) The phone will pick up and after the "BEEP" leave your voice message or FAX. /EXIT -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From: "Neville Cheadle" To: "OPDX Bulletin" Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:19:49 -0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 Regularly activated islands counting for premium points in December 2000 are listed below. The CDXC web pages (www.cdxc.org.uk) contain the full IOTA 2000 rules, island listings and an FAQ page. These web pages also contain up-to-date conversion tables between the new IOTAs arising as a result of the publication of the IOTA Directory 2000 and the old IOTAs that qualify for the IOTA 2000 Programme. The listing of premium months has also been updated. The only new IOTA activation not shown is the current activity by P29VCR and P29VPY from Loloata Island. This has been issued the new IOTA reference OC-240 but counts as OC-153 for the IOTA 2000 Programme. The SM6DEC record system can be downloaded and is ideal for making applications. DECEMBER 2000 OC-013 ZK1 RAROTONGA ISLAND OC-019 KH6 HAWAIIAN IS OC-030 KH4 MIDWAY IS OC-040 ZK2 NIUE ISLAND OC-045 KH8 TUTUILA ISLAND OC-048 ZK3 TOKELAU IS OC-067 FO LEEWARD GROUP OC-083 ZK1 AITUTAKI OC-097 5W WESTERN SAMOA Remember there are no charges for the IOTA 2000 awards and QSL cards are not required. Please do not send your applications until January 2001 and note that the certificates will not be serially-numbered. At least 20 stations have already achieved the 900 point level thus qualifying for the Gold Certificate. Enjoy IOTA 2000. Neville Cheadle, G3NUG Chairman - CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), The UK DX Foundation (CDXC are managing the IOTA 2000 Programme on behalf of the RSGB IOTA Committee) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 02:05:57 +0200 To: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org From: Jari Jussila Mime-Version: 1.0 Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll - Upgraded and Updated Millennium Version of the Honor Roll Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll was published for the first time a couple of years ago. At that time the list contained some 40 DX peditions which had made over 30.000 QSO's. At that time the list merely contained just the call sign of the DX Pedition and the total amount of QSO's. As the "author" of the Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll I received some 150 comments, corrections etc. to the Honor Roll. Many of the comments were made by the operators or organizers of the DX Peditions and very valuable information was received and data corrected. Thanks! There was also quite a few comments asking for more information to be added to the Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll. The new updated and upgraded Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll now contains much more information that just the call sign and total amount of QSO's. I hope the list now satisfies, to some extent, those, who wants to know more about the DX Peditions than just the amount of QSO's. Following data can now be found from the Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll file: (Excel 4.0 Spreassheet, 25 K) - Position - Original position (the position the DX Pedition had when it was entered to the list) - Call sign or call signs of the DX Pedition - DXCC entity - Lengthf of the DX Pedition - Dates of the DX Pedition - Year of the DX Pedition - QSO total of the DX Pedition including duplicates - Uniques. The amount of different stations worked - Number of stations at the DX Pedition - Special comments regarding the DX Pedition - QSL manager of the DX Pedition - Internet web page of the DX Pedition - Amount of operators at the DX Pedition - The operators at the DX Pedition - Amount of QSO's and percentage per continents (NA, Europe, Asia, Other) - Amount of QSO's and percentage per mode (CW/SSB/RTTY) - Amount of QSO's per band (160-10, 6 m) Most of the information is collected from DX Bulletins and DX Pedition articles. Some information have been asked from the organizers of DX Peditions. The list is not complete - far away from that. Full data has been received only from the top ten DX Peditions. Special thanks to Toshi, JA1ELY, who have published this Honor Roll in the Japanese "Five-Nine Magazine" and who have helped a lot in collecting the data. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mega DX Peditions Honor Roll Novermber 19th, 2000 (Only the basic DX Pedition data) Copyright Jari Jussila, OH2BU Pos Orig, Call Entity Days Date Year QSO Uniques pos total Stns ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 1 ZL9CI Campbell Is. 19 Jan 6 - 25 1999 96 004 30 271 5-6 2 2 A52A Bhutan 10 May 3 - 13 2000 82 087 25 039 6+1 3 3 K5K Kingman Reef 9 Oct 22 - 31 2000 80 841 7 4 1 VK0IR Heard Is. 14 Jan 14 - 27 1997 80 673 27 502 6 5 3 XZ0A Myanmar 23 Jan 13 - Feb 8 2000 79 784 6 4 FO0AAA Clipperton I. 7 Mar 1 - 8 2000 75 107 7 1 4J1FS M-V Island 13 May 26 - Jun 7 1992 74 495 36 109 6 8 5 TX0DX Chesterfield Is 7 Mar 23 - 29 2000 72 654 22 893 4-5 9 1 ZA1A Albania 22 Sep 16 - Oct 7 1991 71 000 10 4 H40AA Santa Cruz Is. 13 Apr 1 - 13 1998 67 129 23 140 3-4 11 4 9M0C Spratly Is. 13 Feb 12 - 23 1998 65 524 4-6 12 5 R1MVA M-V Island 10 July 6 - 15 1999 65 221 13 3 3Y0PI Peter 1 Is 22 Jan 29 -Feb 19 1994 62 500 4 14 1 AH3C/KH5J Jarvis 7 Apr 15 - 21 1990 55 000 15 14 VP6BR Pitcairn 86 Jan 25 - Apr 21 2000 53 849 1 16 8 3B7RF St. Brandon 12 May 6 - 17 1998 53 518 17 4 AH1A Howland 15 Jan 26 - Feb 3 1993 52 410 18 2 XY0RR Myanmar 15 Aug 27 - Sep 11 1991 50 000 19 2 3Y5X Bouvet 16 Dec 29 - Jan 13 1990 49 000 20 5 FO0CI Clipperton 10 Mar 6 - 15 1992 48 000 5 21 1 XF4L Revilla Gigedo 7 Apr 12 - 18 1989 47 943 22 14 3B9R Rodrigues I. 12 Mar 31 - Apr 10 1999 46 100 4-6 23 17 T31T Canton 10 Sep 25 - Oct 4 1999 45 700 24 4 3D2AM Conway Reef 8 May 16 - 23 1990 45 000 25 1 KP2A/D Desecheo 7 Jun 9 - 15? 1981 45 000 26 11 VK9MM Mellish Reef 9 Sep 19 - 27 1993 44 500 27 4 1S1XV/RR Spratly Is. 12 Apr 19 - 30 1990 43 265 28 13 XR0Y/Z Easter Is. 10 Sep 9 - 16 1995 42 234 29 3 4J1FS M-V Island 11 May 20 - 30 1989 42 000 30 1 8Z4A Neutral Zone 11 Nov 10 - 20 1979 40 800 31 22 E44/HA1AG Palestine Feb - Mar 3 1999 40 430 32 8 HK0TU Malpelo 6 Nov 3 - 8 1990 40 000 33 14 VP8SSI SSandwich I. 12 Mar 22- Apr 3 1992 39 400 34 16 9M0S Spratly Is. 7 May 27 - Jun 2 1993 37 000 35 12 P5RS7 Near N.Korea 19 Dec 19 - Jan 6 1991 36 000 36 3 HC8MD Galapagos Nov-Dec 1981 35 000 37 35 701YGF Yemen 10 Apr 17 - 26 2000 35 000 38 21 ZL8RI Kermadec 9 May 5 - 13 1996 33 897 39 4 KP2A/KP1 Navassa 7 Mar 16 -22 1982 33 552 40 11 ZS9Z/ZS1 Penguin 6 Nov 24 - Dec 2 1990 33 200 41 17 AA4NC/KP1 Navassa 7 Jan 18 - 24 1992 33 000 42 12 T33R/T33T Banaba 12 Nov 7 -18 1990 33 000 43 36 T30CW Kiribati 21 Oct 20 - Nov 10 1999 32 630 44 18 YA5MM Afganistan 13 Mar 9 - 21 1992 32 000 45 5 VK9ZM Mellish Reef 10 Jan 8 - 17 1989 31 467 46 31 ZL7DK Chatham 13 Feb 23 - Mar 8 1998 31 335 3 47 15 YA0RR Afganistan 17 Jan 5 - 21 1991 31 128 48 5 F00XX Clipperton I. 1985 31 000 49 30 3D2CT/CU Conway Reef 8 Mar 26 - Apr 2 1994 30 000 50 5 VK0HI/CW Heard 12 Jan 22 - Feb 18 1983 30 000 51 34 OH5AB/MVI M-V Island 25 Jun 5 - 16 1997 30 000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year 2000 has been very productive. Five DX Peditions have hit the Top Ten this year, but nobody has really challenger ZL9CI's first place. A52A, K5K, XZ0A, FO0AAA and TX0DX have all made it to the Top Ten. The 1992 Malyj Vysotskij 4J1FS DX Pedition still holds the first place in the amount of "uniques". That DX Pedition logged an amazing 36.109 different stations to it's log. Those truly interested to receive the rest and the additional information of these DX Peditions can ask for a Excel 4.0 spreadsheet (size roughly 25K) from the author by e-mail: oh2bu@sral.fi More data requested! I'm sure that many of you reading this e-mail has been a member of a DX Pedition listed in this Honor Roll. For you - as well as to all readers - I have a special request: Please, if you find any data that is not correct or if you have any data missing from the list, please give me a note - oh2bu@sral.fi - and I will correct that data to the next updated version. The list is not complete. No data have been found or received from eg. YV0AA, HK0TU, E44DX DX Peditions. Any data of those DX Peditions will be highly appreciated. When enough corrections or additional data had been received, an updated version will be published. In the near future all the data will be found from the web pages of OHDXF, OH DX Foundation (to be announced later) Jari, OH2BU oh2bu@sral.fi ------------------------------------------------------------- Tedd Mirgliotta KB8NW InterNet: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org Basic Amateur Radio Frequency BBS (BARF-80) +1 (440) 237-8208 "Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 28.8k-1200 baud * Origin: ---=== RA9LO Station at MO27SC ===--- (2:5077/39) _______________________________________________________________________ Alexander RZ6HGG Stavropol E-mail:rz6hgg@skiftel.ru FidoNet: 2:5064/11.30 26 ноября 2000 г. 7:36:17

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