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Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory 2000

13.02.2001 02:28:09

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> IOTA REFERENCE ISSUED IN JANUARY 2001 <<< AS-153 VU West Bengal State group (India) OC-238 FO Pukarua and Reao Atolls, Tuamotu Islands (French Polynesia) OC-240 P2 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands East (Papua New Guinea) OC-241 YB9 Timor Barat's Coastal Islands (Indonesia) OC-242 YB8 Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands (Indonesia) OC-243/Pr VK6 WA State (South Coast) West group (Australia) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> PROVISIONAL IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS AS AT 1 FEBRUARY 2001 <<< NA-218/Pr CO8 Las Tunas/Holguin/Santiago de Cuba Province group (Cuba) OC-243/Pr VK6 WA State (South Coast) West group (Australia) SA-088/Pr PP5 Santa Catarina State South group (Brazil) Note: A full listing of new IOTA reference numbers issued since publication of IOTA Directory 2000 may be found on the IOTA Manager's web site at http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> OPERATIONS WHICH HAVE PROVIDED ACCEPTABLE VALIDATION MATERIAL <<< AS-032 JA6CM/6 Tanega Island, Osumi Islands (December 2000) AS-137 BA4DW/5 Taohua Island (October 2000) AS-150 BA4DW/4 Tianheng Island (December 2000) AS-153 VU2HFR Sagar Island (January 2001) AS-153 VU2JSH Sagar Island (January 2001) AS-153 VU2SKD Sagar Island (January 2001) EU-066 RK3DZJ/1 Bol'shoy Zaitskiy Island, Solovetskiye Isls (August 2000) EU-147 RK3DZJ/1 Osinka Island (August 2000) EU-179 UR3GA Orlov Island (various times 2000) NA-073 V31DI Caye Caulker (November 2000) NA-073 V31FH Caye Caulker (November 2000) NA-073 V31YW Caye Caulker (November 2000) NA-155 TE6U Uvita Island (May 2000) OC-057 FO0DEH Maupihaa Island (October 2000) OC-067 FO0DEH Maupiti Island (November/December 2000) OC-140 VK6DIR Direction Island (November 2000) OC-148 YC9BU/P Timor Island (November 2000) OC-236 YB8HZ/P Selayar Island (December 2000) OC-240 P29VCR Loloata Island (November 2000) OC-240 P29VPY Loloata Island (November 2000) OC-238 FO0DEH Reao Atoll (November 2000) OC-241 YC9BU/P Semau Island (November/December 2000) OC-241 YC9MKF/P Semau Island (November/December 2000) OC-241 YC9NBV/P Semau Island (November/December 2000) OC-241 YC9WZJ/P Semau Island (December 2000) OC-242 YB8HZ/P Bonerate Island (December 2000) Note: This list includes operations where validation material was volunteered, ie not specifically required for credit to be given. In all cases, cards now submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints if they meet normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> OPERATIONS FROM WHICH VALIDATION MATERIAL IS AWAITED <<< >>> AS AT 1 FEBRUARY 2001 <<< AS-062 RU0LM/0 Shikotan Island (November 2000) AS-140 S21BR Dakhin Shahbazpur (Bhola) Island (December 2000) EU-063 JW5RIA Hopen Island (July 2000) EU-187 SV9/SV1CID/P Gavdos Island (July 2000) EU-187 SV9/SV1DPL/P Gavdos Island (July 2000) NA-218/Pr CO8OTA Moa Grande Island (September 2000) OC-202 DX4RIG Tinaga Island, Calagua Islands (April 2000) OC-243/Pr VK6BSI Breaksea Island (January 2001) SA-057 CV0F San Gabriel Island (January 2001) SA-088/Pr PV5IOTA Santana De Fora Island (August 2000) SA-088/Pr PV5L Santana De Fora Island (August 2000) Note: Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for an operation where validation is required. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> UPDATES ON THE ABOVE <<< Mid-month information on the issue of IOTA reference numbers and validation of operations is now available on the IOTA Manager's web-site above. Under IOTA NEWS BULLETINS click the latest bulletin under preparation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> IOTA ON VHF/UHF <<< The introduction last July of a VHF/UHF category of IOTA award application offers VHF enthusiasts and 6 metre operators in particular a new and exciting challenge. Expressions of interest had been received over recent years and the Committee felt that it was time to open up the programme to VHF. By adjusting qualification thresholds, we believe that a number of the awards are attainable, albeit in different parts of the world. Full details of award requirements are contained in Directory 2000. This development offers a real prospect, for the first time, of VHF IOTA expeditions, either running solo or as part of a larger HF group. For island chasers this widens the opportunities because, under another rule change, contacts on VHF/UHF may now count for the normal HF awards. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> NEW QSL CARD REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTACTS MADE AFTER 1 JANUARY 2001 <<< A reminder that IOTA has introduced tighter requirements on QSL cards with effect from 1 January 2001. If from that date IOTA DXpeditioners and resident island stations want their operations to count for IOTA, they must include, printed on their QSL card, the name of a qualifying island shown in Directory 2000 or on a list of Additional Qualifying Islands on the IOTA Manager's web-site at http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml. The reason for this tightened procedure is to move IOTA to a position where checkpoints can, within seconds, reach a decision on any card submitted on the basis of the information on that card and in the Directory. This will reduce the hours spent referring to atlases, maps, personally maintained lists and HQ back-up facilities to validate the claimed credit. The IOTA reference number, although desirable, is not by itself sufficient, nor, with few exceptions, is the short IOTA group name taken from the Directory. Please bear with us in our efforts to secure general acceptance of this change. It really is essential. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> A 2002 DEADLINE <<< Our thanks to the many members who have converted their existing IOTA record scores to the new Directory listings. If you are one of those who have not, you have until 1 February 2002 to do so. After the preparation of that year's Honour Roll and Annual Listings, credits that have not been rechecked by means of a completed Conversion Sheet - they could number as many as 16 - will be deleted from all records on the IOTA database. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roger Balister, G3KMA Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ RSGB IOTA Manager RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe) 7 February 2001 8 February 2001 Past IOTA Notices are available at http://www.425dxn.org/iota Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM 425 DX News Editor E-mail: i1jqj@ari.it http://www.425dxn.org ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ >>> NEW TOOL ON WWW.425DXN.ORG <<< The opening page at http:www.425dxn.org now features an engine that allows you to search anything you want within the site. ... E-Mail: RA9LO@uc.tmn.ru or NIK@Tum.SibNefteProvod.ru * Origin: ---=== RA9LO Station at MO27SC ===--- (FidoNet 2:5077/39) ____________________________________________________________________________ Alexander RZ6HGG Stavropol E-mail:rz6hgg@skiftel.ru FidoNet: 2:5064/11.30 12 февраля 2001 г. 21:01:22

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