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Ссылки на всемирные источники прохождения радиоволн

Если вы тут впервые, то посетите наш раздел для начинающих - введение к прохождению радиоволн на КВ



Введение в прохождение радиоволн и описание терминов


Информация о прохождении в сети Интернет


  • G3USF's Worldwide HF beacon list - the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing
  • 28 MHz beacon list from KC4DPC
  • G3USF's Worldwide 50MHz beacon list
  • IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF/Microwave Beacon List - from G3UUT
  • GJ4ICD's 50 MHz beacon list
  • UK Six Metre Group 50MHz beacon audio listing Requires Javascript, frames and audio board
  • 50 MHz beacons listed by continent from OZ6OM
  • G4TMV's Beacon Page - with lists and contact addresses
  • NCDXF/IBP HF beacon network information

    Other beacons

    • Amateur Beacons
    • Australian Beacons
    • Les balises francaises
    • BV2DP
    • DK0WCY
    • KB3BOE
    • KF4MS
    • KK4XO e-mail
    • K5AB e-mail Email
    • KC8NSM e-mail
    • K9OHI e-mail
    • ITU 'beacons' LN2A and VL8IPS
    • N7GSU e-mail with N7GSU/BCN in subject line
    • N7LT
    • OK0EN (80m)
    • PT7BCN e-mail
    • UR4LL e-mail
    • VA3SBB e-mail Email
    • VE6EMU (6, 2m)
    • VK3RMH e-mail Email - failing which try
    • W1VHF e-mail
    • WN2A
    • W3HH e-mail
    • WJ5O e-mail
    • WA8YWO .
    • WA7LNW e-mail
    • XE1SRF e-mail
  • European VHF,UHF,SHF beacons
  • VHF/UHF beacons in Northern Europe from OZ6OM
  • Les balises francaises/French beacons
  • Norwegian beacons from LA0BY
  • 144/432MHz beacons (LA0BY)
  • European Microwave Beacons or see mirror site
  • North American Beacons 144MHz and above from WZ1V
  • North American Beacons 50-2400MHz



Метеорные потоки

Radio Meteor Data around 50MHz from Japan - some FAI too


Прохождение на крайне низких частотах

Прохождение на КВ

Прохождение на УКВ


Прохождение на СВЧ-частотах



Текущая солнечная и геофизическая информация

For more detailed data including numerous time-series:


Магнитосфера и магнитограммы

Прогнозы прохождения радиоволн

  • Weekly Propagation Forecast from G4FKH
  • Alerts and Warnings from SEC/NOAA
  • Current Propagations Predictions for the UK from G4FKH
  • Shortwave Fadeout Coverage Predictions from IPS Australia
  • Forecasts from IPS Australia medium range forecasts
  • Daily USAF/NOAA HF Forecast, 27-day forecasts e-mail to with message Subscribe propagation forecast as from the Central USA, posted here monthly and archived since February 1988.
  • HF Skywave Prediction Program (IONCAP)
  • Free Propagation Prediction Software Explanation and code (314k)
  • Shortwave Fadeout Coverage Predictions following solar flares

Программы для расчета прохождения радиоволн


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