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Страна: Шотландия
Учредитель: GMDX Group
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This award is administered by the IOSA Committee and is the creation of

Les Hamilton GM3ITN, who has accepted advice and some alterations from

Gavin Taylor GM0GAV, Dave Warburton GM0LVI and Robert Ferguson GM3YTS.

Les Hamilton GM3ITN is the top U.K. station on the Islands on the Air

(IOTA) Honour Roll. He has devised an award that is extremely

challenging, particularly the higher graded awards.

We hope this award will encourage Amateur Radio operators from around

the world to contact or visit and activate some of the most beautiful

and remote parts of Scotland.

In order to encourage operations from the islands, there will be two

classes of awards, one for the Chasers and the other for those who go

out and activate the islands (the Activators).

The islands listed are the only ones eligible for these awards.

No other islands will be added.

Applicants should be licensed radio amateurs. A short-wave listerner

qualifies for the Chaser's Award.

Chasers and Activators have different goals to achieve and the awards

are graded as below:-


Basic 10 Islands in 6 Island Groups 5 Islands in 3 Island Groups

Silver 25 Islands in 7 Island Groups 12 Islands in 4 Island Groups

Gold 50 Islands in 8 Island Groups 25 Islands in 5 Island Groups

Supreme 75 Islands in 10 Island Groups 40 Islands in 7 Island Groups

Chasers must submit proof of contact with stations as designated above.

Activators must show evidence that they have made a minimum of 100

contacts from each island claimed, i.e. photocopied log details or

computer log disk.

Contacts should be made from the same DXCC country and must be made

with licensed amateur stations.

Contacts must have taken place since 1 November 1947 and must have

been made on the 1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28, 50, 144 Mhz bands.

Maritime mobile contacts are not allowed. All stations must be shown

to be land based.

Original QSL cards confirming the contacts must be submitted by chasers.

Any cards deemed to have been altered will be disallowed.

The Islands of Scotland Directory cost 6 pounds,10 US dollars or 16 IRC

and this should be applied for in the first instance.

The cost of the Directory includes the cost of the Basic certificate.

On applying for the Basic awards,applicants should send only sufficient

postage for the return of their QSL cards.

The individual cost of each other award (Silver, Gold, Supreme) is:-

5 UK pounds or 8 US dollars or 12 IRCS, plus return postage.

Please specify category of return postage required and allow for this

when including your postage fee.

In addition to the certificate, the Supreme Award entitles the

applicant to receive a Scottish Quaich, engraved with the applicants

callsign and award details. Please ask for details on applying for the

Supreme Award. The fee for this varies, depending on availability.


Directory Applications to: Dave Warburton GM0LVI

Law Vista

High Street





Award Applications to: Les Hamilton GM3ITN

Hall's Land




G81 6NR

GMDX Group Islands of Scotland Award (Groups,Islands,References)

CLYDE ISLANDS Firth of Lorne

Arran CL1 Lismore FL1

Bute CL2 Kerrera FL2

Great Cumbrae CL3 Seil FL3

Little Cumbrae CL4 Luing FL4

Ailsa Craig CL5 Scarba FL5

Holy Island CL6 Garvellachs FL6

Pladda CL7

Sanda CL8

Davaar CL9

Inchmarnock CL10

Lady Isle CL11


Flannan Island OL1 Isle of May FF1

St Kilda OL2 Bass Rock FF2

North Rona OL3 Craigleith FF3

Sula Sgeir OL4 Fidra FF4

Rockall OL5 Inchkeith FF5

Inchcolm FF6


Mainland SH1 Hestan SF1

Unst SH2 Little Ross SF2

Yell SH3 Islands of Fleet SF3

Fetlar SH4 Scares SF4

Whalsay SH5

Bressay SH6

Foula SH7

Outer Skerries SH8

Fair Isle SH9


Lewis & Harris OH1 Mainland OR1

North Uist OH2 Westray OR2

South Uist OH3 Papa Westray OR3

Benbecula OH4 North Ronaldsay OR4

Berneray OH5 South Ronaldsay OR5

Monach Islands OH6 Hoy OR6

Vatersay OH7 Shapinsay OR7

Mingulay OH8 Stronsay OR8

Eriskay OH9 Rousay OR9

Sandray OH10 Sanday OR10

Barra OH11 Eday OR11

Great Bernera OH12 Egilsay OR12

Scarp OH13 Flotta OR13

Tarnansay OH14 Burray OR14

Pabbay OH15

South Berneray OH16

South Pabbay OH17

Shiant Islands OH18


Canna NH1 Pentland Skerries SC1

Rhum NH2 Stroma SC2

Eigg NH3 Neave SC3

Tiree NH4 Eilean Nan Ron SC4

Coll NH5 Rabbit Islands SC5

Muck NH6 Eilean Hoan SC6

Skye NH7 Handa SC7

Ascribe Islands NH8 Oldany SC8

Rona NH9 Gruinard SC9

Raasay NH10 Summer Isle SC10

Pabay NH11 Isle of Ewe SC11

Crowlin Islands NH12 Eilean Horrisdale SC12

Longay NH13 Longa SC13

Wiay NH14 Trodday SC14

Mull NH15 Fladda SC15

Iona NH16 Mingay SC16

Treshnish Islands NH17 Isay SC17

Ulva NH18

Colonsay NH19

Oronsay NH20

Jura NH21

Islay NH22

Texa NH23

Gigha NH24

Cara NH25

Soay NH26

Little Colonsay NH27

Gometra NH28

Staffa NH29

Scalpay NH30

Total Groups 10

Total Islands 120

Дата внесения: 19.09.2003 17:45:10 MSK
Трансляция: RA1AE