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Германия Германия


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Boris Ilic Fecurka
Bonn Германия

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I was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. I came to Germany in Sept. 1969. I made matura in 1978. I studied medicine in Mons and Bruxelles, Belgium and Bonn and Koeln in Germany. I have no State Exam. I am cand.med. Boris Fecurka. Maja stancija Icom Ic -9500 Radioreceiver.

I'am missing all my Icom transceivers that were stolen from my Bonn appartment.

The damage amounts over 260'000 €. My Lada Niva is missing also. VW Transporter is stolen,

VW Multivan is stolen, too. ICOM IC-PW1EURO 1kW PA has burned out. I was not allowed to install short wawes antennas. My Pension was divided between other strange persons.

I am not eligible to work. Every 21 days I get chemical poison. Luckily I got to know a girlfriend

Guenel Rahimova from CASPI Restaurant situated in 53 117 Bonn-Auerberg, Koelnstreet.

She is really kind to me. I appreciate her presence a lot.