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ex CALL(s): AD7ED, UY5DJ

Владимир А. Скрыпник
Volodymyr A. Skrypnyk

Hurricane UT США

Просмотров: 4,755
Другие позывные: UY5DJ, AD7ED.
My name on the air is Vlad. I\'m from the Ukraine. My full name in the address is in Ukrainian spelling. Also I\'m known as \"Vladimir Skrypnik\" in Russian spelling.

Interest in amateur radio began around 1960 when I was a fifth grade student. After building a crystal radio, I built many other projects, like a number of 2 to 4 tubes broadcast radios, several pocket-size transistor receivers etc.

With a trembling voice, I made my first QSO on 29 MHz AM in October 1965 as UB5EFP. I used a home built 3 tube superhet receiver for 3.5 to 29.7 MHz and also home brewed a three stage 28 MHz AM/CW transmitter with a soviet 6P3S tube in the final (equivalent to a 6L6GT). I received a new HF license and call sign UY5DJ in 1967. I still keep it in the Ukraine.

In January 2005, I received an Extra Class license in the US and my present call sign AA7DJ. My station today consist of an FT950 transceiver and a TL922 power amplifier. I use a Hustler 6BTV vertical antenna for 80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 meters. For 17 and 12 meters I have separate verticals. For 10 and 6 meters I use 3 element Yagis. All of my antennas are placed on volcanic lava rocks on the slope of an ancient volcano. The antennas are about 10 meters above the roof of my house and above most of my neighbors\' houses.

I\'m ready to exchange QSL cards via the ARRL bureau. Also I will be happy to answer your direct QSL. Please keep in mind that in January 2012 postal rates in the USA will go up, and one US dollar most likely will not be enough to send a small letter abroad.

73 and see you again, Vlad