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Китай Китай


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ex CALL(s): BH4TZM

Чжан Мин

Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province, China Китай

Просмотров: 4,279
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I like all kinds of DX in the game, also like chasing DXCC, similar in holidays occasionally to a few friends like the DX station is located outside the temporary call it because on the outskirts of the electromagnetic environment much better than my home, that there is no low noise of the DX people feel good, I have a lot in the outskirts of Communications Communications can not be at home to the expedition sets, there are many unthinkable DXCC, I stand at the outskirts of the temporary table using a multi-band vehicle DIY GP antenna, temporarily installed on my roof at home with the I'COM the aT-130 automatic antenna Tuner with 20 meters long, is there a picture of a 29.6MHZ the GP antenna, I am currently working frequency is 0.7 m - 160 meter band, although my antenna simple, but I like DX, I'm happy, my dear friend, I look forward to meet with you in the air and do a good QSO!

I do confirm eQSL, I much prefer paper QSL card so the old fashion way, thank you!

Thank you for the nice QSO!!100% QSL,DIRECT or BUREAU.Prefer direct , This faster ~~~,Welcome Direct QSL cards ! I will immediately send you my QSL card !!

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