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Китай Китай


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Xiaofei Liu
Suqian Китай

Просмотров: 884
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I'll upload the QSO record to LOTW as soon as possible.

I like to play jt65 from May 3'2015 only on 15 meter band.

Since june 13'2015, I also work in 20 meter and 40 meter. thanks for BG4VZC

SINCE 20160130 can work in 10 meter band, thanks for BI4QGF.

my qso data will upload on hrdlog.net. Unfortunately, some records may not be uploaded, because CHINA great fire wall (GFW - Government Control Network), so, recommend that you confirm by lotw. If you have questions, please e-mail me.

Will confirm QSO by LoTW, but I also collect paper QSL's, I like the old fashion way, thank you!

(E-QSL on request !)

???????????59????? ??? 223801


Since August 2015, all paper card ?received and sent? will be recorded?details as follows?


SENT here is qls card sent page http://bg4vrg.lofter.com/qsl_s
RECEIVED here is qls card received page ?http://bg4vrg.lofter.com/qsl_r