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Felix Adrian Martin Hardisson
Barcelona Испания

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Greetings and thanks for visiting my page, I am an amateur ham radio since 1977. Previously my qth was in Venezuela now in Spain Barcelona. Here in my qth with little space to mount directional antennas. I have the vertical antenna MFJ 2389 with very good results impressed by your little size. I have had a QSO with 30 watts in FT8 with Asia, Europe, Africa, USA, and South America. My radio was a Flex 1500 and Xiegu G90 with an RM model HLA 150 Plus amplifier, and a Daiwa CNW-419 tuner for the bands of 30, 18, 24 meters My favorite modes, Digital, SSTV, CW And remember the final courtesy of a qso is a qsl, there is no excuse not to send a qsl, with digital advances, the paper qsl is history for me A big hug and I hope to copy you on the wings, 73 from Felix EA4HOS - YV5GRV - 4M5F