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ex CALL(s): WL7AP

Andy B. Fyodorov
Anchorage AK США

Просмотров: 7,316
См также: RW3AH --- WEB Site / Blog: cqdx.ru

Andy (aka Sparky) , was born in the Russian North East of (Arctic) Siberia in 1961.
In the end of 1970's he moved to Moscow city.

In HAM radio since the age of 12.
Licensed in 1976.
His First Club station was UK0KAK.

Participates in many local and worldwide contests.
Favorite mode is CW. He loves pile-ups on the HF,
DX, expeditions, good friends and good company.

Sparky has lived in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America with ham calls associated with each part of the world.
"EMERCOM" Rescuer Officer and Russian Red Cross Rescue officer.

1991-2002 - Chief Coordinator, Russian amateur radio emergency service (RARES).

Chief of the RARES Club station R3ARES 2001

Certifiied ARRL Emergency communications operator.



Amateur radio license from Russia (Extra class) Call sign: RW3AH. Moscow
Amateur radio license from USA (Extra class). Call sign: KL1A. Alaska USA
Amateur radio license from Switzerland. Call sign: HB9ERK
Amateur radio license from Rwanda (Africa). Call sign: 9X0A. Rwanda
Amateur radio license from Fiji, Oceania. Call sign: 3D2AF
Amateur radio license from Tuvalu, Oceania. Call sign: T2X
Amateur radio license in Afghanistan, Call sign: T6X
Amateur radio license from Serbia / Kosovo. Call sign: 4O8AA (Exp.2004)

My recent operations include:

1975 - UK0KAK Club station op.
1975...1977 - UA0-139-86 (SWL) East Siberia Arctic Russia
1977 - UA0-139-86/3 (SWL) Moscow, Russia
1977 - UA3-170-362 (SWL) Moscow Russia
1976 -1983 UA0KCE East Siberia, Arctic Russia
1978 - UK3AAB Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1979 - UK3ADF Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1979 - UK3ACZ Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1979 - UK3ACV Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1980 - UK3AAH Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1980 - RK3AAH op. Moscow, Russia
1980 - RM3O Special event station op. Moscow, Russia (Olympic games special event station)
1981 - RS3A Amateur Radio "RS" Sattelites Control Center op. Moscow, Russia
1981 - UK3APV Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1981 - EW3A Special event station op. Moscow, Russia
1981 - EX3TM Special event station op. Moscow, Russia
1984 -1985 UG/UA0KCE Armenia Republic (Lake Sevan)
1985 - UZ1PWA, UZ1PWC Club station op. Novaya Zemlya Island, Russia
1985 - UA1P/UA0KCE West Siberia. Arctic Russia
1985 - UA3ASL Moscow Russia
1986 - RW3AH Moscow Russia (The Call sign is up to present)
1987 - 1988 EO1. (Armenian ruin earthquake) Special Emergency Station. Moscow Russia
1988 - RK3KP / UK3KP Club station op. Moscow, Russia
1988 - UH8/RW3AH Turkmen Republic
1988 - UH9AWA, UH9BWD. UH9HWB Club stations op. (Turkmeniya)
1988 - EK0RR/am Special event station op. Russia
1989 - EK0AH East Arctic "BERING BRIDGE" sled dog Expedition East Arctic-Alaska (Incl. Rotmanova Island (Big Diomede Isl.), Uelen, Ureliki, Cape Smitdt, Anadyr, Lavrentiya, Ugolnyj, Provedeniya Bay, etc.)
1989 - KL7/RW3AH "BERING BRIDGE" sled dog Expedition East Arctic-Alaska (incl. Little Diomede Island and Kotzebue)
1989 - EK250RA/am Special event station op. Russia-USA (Flight "TU-154" East Siberai to Alaska USA. Arctic area)
1989 - 4K4/RW3AH "BIG CIRCLE" sled dog Expedition East Siberia, Arctic Russia
1990 - RE/RW3AH Special event, Moscow, Russia
1990 - RE3A Special event station op. Moscow Russia
1990 - RK3CH Special event station op. Moscow Russia (Chernobyl memorial)
1990 - 4K0ADS Special event station op. Russia (Mr.Sakharov memorial)
1991 - WL7CDB Alaska USA
1991 - WL7AP Alaska USA
1992 - R500A Special event station op. Russia
1992 - 4L21A, 4L22A, 4L23A op (White House Moscow Russia)
1992 - U21A, U22A, U23A op (White House Moscow Russia)
1995 - R/WL7AP Moscow, Russia
1995 - 4U/RW3AH UN-ICFY Mission in the former Yugoslavia
1996 - R0K/RW3AH East Siberia. Arctic Russia
1997 - 9X/R3ARES, 9X/RE3A op Rwanda, Africa
1997 - RW3AH/RE Emergency emulation test Russian ARES station. Moscow Russia
1997...1998 - 9X/RW3AH UN Mission in Rwanda Africa
1998 - HB9/WL7AP Switzerland
1998 - 9X0A Rwanda Africa (Call sign is up to present)
1998 - 9X0A-9U/9X0A-9U/9X0A/m Rwanda/Burundi Africa
1999...2000 - 4O8/9X0A Mission in Kosovo Former Yugoslavia
2000 - SV/WL7AP Greece (SV1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
2000 - OE3/WL7AP Austria
2001 - F/WL7AP France
2001 - DL/WL7AP Germany
2001 - YU8/9X0A Mission in Kosovo FORMER YUGOSLAVIA
2001 - Z3/9X0A Macedonia
2002 - 3D2AF Fiji (Suva, Nadi)
2002 - T2X Tuvalu (Funafuti)
2002 - T2X/mm Pacific Ocean
2002 - Member of K1B DXpedition to (KH1) Baker Island in Centrtal Pacific
2002 - W1/WL7AP USA
2002 - 4O8AA Kosovo
2002 - 4U1VIC Club station op. Vienna, Austria
2003 - YU8/KF0R Kosovo
2004 - RW3AH/3 RDA DXpedition
2004 - W1/KL1A USA
2004 - K1TTT Contest station op. USA
2004 - 4U1UN Club station op. (UN HQ NYC USA)
2004 - ER0/RW3AH Moldova Republic (1st QRO DXpedition)
2005 - 3V/KL1A Tunisia, Africa
2005 - T6X Afghanistan UN Mission
2005 - EY1ZA Club station op Tadzhikistan Republic
2006 - EA/KL1A Spain
2006 - OE1A Contest station op. Austria (RDXC 2006)
2006 - DL/KL1A Germany
2006 - ER/RW3AH Moldova republic (2nd QRO DXpedition)
2006 - SV9/KL1A Crete Island, Greece
2006 - OE4A op. Austria
2006 - OE/KL1A Austria
2006 - 4U1VIC Club station op. Vienna, Austria
2006 - 4U60UO Special event station op (UNESCO HQ Paris, France)
2007 - ER/RW3AH Moldova republic (3d QRO DXpedition)
2007 - TF/KL1A (TF/R7C Team member) Iceland DXpedition
2007 - OZ/KL1A (OZ/NA1SA Team member)
2007 - OX/KL1A (OX/NA1SA Team member) Greenland DXpedition
2007 - HB9/KL1A Geneva, Switzerland
2007 - 4U1ITU Club station op. Geneva, Switzerland
2007 - 4U1WRC Special event station op. Geneva, Switzerland (WRC 2007)
2008 - 4U1WED Special event station op. Viena, Austria
2009 - F6KAR Contest station op. Cern France (RDXC 2009)
2009 - 4U1AIDS Trustee. Geneva, Switzerland (Special event station - World AIDS day)
2009 - HB9ERK Switzerland
2010 - HB0/HB9ERK Lichtenstein
2010 - W2/KL1A NY, NY
2010 - K1LZ Contest station op. CQWWDX Contest (SSB). USA
2010...2011...2012 - DL/KL1A Germany
2010...2011...2012 - PA/KL1A Nederlands
2010...2011...2012 - ON/KL1A Belgium
2011 - TP50CE Special event station op. Council of Europe / France
2011 - LX/KL1A Luxemburg
2012 - ER0/KL1A Moldova republic (4th QRO DXpedition)
2012 - TF/KL1A - (July 4 - 12, 2012)
2013 - SU9AF

I am operatied from TF under my US Extra Class license from the TF4M QTH by BETA Test Remote Control System.
The remote operation took place from outside of TF (i.e. HAM Radio operator is outside of TF) therefore this operation is NOT valid for DXCC. (DXCC Rules / Section 1 / Basic Rules / Paragraph 9) : All stations must be contacted from the same DXCC entity. The location of any station shall be defined as the location of the transmitter. For the purposes of this award, remote operating points must be located within the same DXCC entity as the transmitter and receiver. Same BETA Test for KL1A/W2 (Since July 2012).
Read also ARRL DXAC Special Report (pdf file).

An American amateur can access and operate a foreign-based Internet remote control station if the host station is in a country that participates in the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) or International Amateur Radio Permit programs. The American Amateur must use the call sign prefix of the country where the host station is located, followed by his call sign. For example, if the host station is in Austria, I would need to identify as OE/KL1A.

73' de RW3AH, T6X, T2X, 3D2AF, HB9ERK, KL1A 'Sparky'