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Miroslaw Pniewski
Sztum Польша

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English version =================================

- Audio & Video Mixer operator 2nd stage (got formation in TVP Warsaw)
- Non Linear Editing Systems Operator (got formation in TVP Warsaw)
- SONY - Certificate for service maintenance for BVP-3AP, BVP-30P camera
- AMPEX/SONY – Certificate for service maintenance for CVR-75 Broadcast VTR
- AMPEX/SONY – Certificate for service maintenance for CVR-5 Broadcast
Dockable VTR
- PANASONIC – Certificate for service maintenance for WV-CS850 CCTV
rotation DOME camera
- PANASONIC – Gold Award for Professional Team for results in sale in 2000
- PANASONIC – Certificate for Service Maintenance for AJ-DE77 HD
Quick-Cutter, DVCPRO Non Linear Editing System - Service Training
- PANASONIC – DVCPRO Service Maintenance for AJ-D750, AJ-D650 recorder
- PANASONIC – DVCPRO Service Maintenance for AJ-D700, AJ-D800 camera
- PANASONIC – HD DVCPRO Service Maintenance for AJ-HD1700EX
- PANASONIC – DVCPRO P2, Service Maintenance for
- AJ-SPX800E, AJ-SPD850E, AJ-HDC27 (Solid State Memory – DVCPRO HD on P2 card
- PANASONIC – CCTV, Service Maintenance for WJ-HD500, WJ-HD220 (HDD multiplexerrecorder)
- PANASONIC – Service Maintenance for Convertible Camera AW-E600/650
- M.Kasprzaka Factory – Forklift Truck Operator

05.1972 – 07.1977 ZRK * M.Kasprzaka Factory – warehouse worker
05.1972 – 11.1972 WZR * Warsaw Radio Institutions – Fitter of electronic devices
06.1972 – 12.1972 ITR * Tele Radio Technical Institute – Technical Support for RTV equipment
06.1974 – 09.1976 WZT * Warsaw Television Institutions - Inspector of Quality,
Technical and Maintenance Support for Professional Televisions equipment
10.1976 – 01.1987 TVP * Polish Radio & Television – Service maintenance for Broadcast & Professional Video Tape
Recorders, Cameras and Audio-Video Systems, Peripherial Equipment, Camera operator /2-th class
level/, Linear and Non Linear Editing Systems service maintenance and operator
02.1987 – 07.1989 PAI * Polish Press Agency – Service maintenance for Television Equipment
08.1989 – 08.1990 ITI * International Threading Investment – Service maintenance for SONY &
Panasonic Professional Equipment
10.1990 – 06.2008 Panasonic Poland * - Field Technical Support for CCTV, Broadcast & Professional Products,
Salesman, Technical teacher
09.2008 – 10.2010 E.Leclerc Gda?sk DIS – RTV Section Manager
09.2010 – 11.2011 iMsystemsS – own company
12.2011 – 06.2014 Solid Security – CCTV, AC – Access Control, Fire Control Systems, Microwave Barrier, etc.
1. Constructing measuring devices & systems.
2. Television studio projects like:
a) GUC - Main Office of Duties /TV studio/
b) PKP - Polish National Railways /TV studio/
c) FSO – Car Factory /TV studio/
3. Projecting and Building CCTV Security Systems for banks, industrial, private users (Close
Circuit Television/ Industrial Television) (cooperation with ALARMCOM Bielski > Siemens
Bldg.Techn. Warsaw)
4. Projecting and Building Professional & Broadcast TV Studio Systems /be basing on the
equipment from Panasonic, Sony & other factory’s/ /cooperation with Brabork Laboratory/
5. Projecting and Building Multimedia Systems /be basing on Panasonic, Sony, Kramer, JVC,
Technics, Sundcraft & other equipment/
6. Service Maintenance for Broadcast & Professional Cameras and VTR’s /Sony, Panasonic/
7. Service Maintenance for CCTV Security equipment /Sony, Panasonic, Bosch/
8. Service Maintenance for television peripheral equipment
9. NLE Operator (Non Linear Editing Systems based on PC Systems from Panasonic, Matrox-
Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle, Fast, Avid, Apple)
10. The production of films: advertising, training , reports, marriage, short commercial & other
11. TV Broadcast Camera Operator – 2-th stage (Works for TVP)
12. Commercial Photography (trade foto for Panasonic Poland)
13. Audio -Video Mixer Operator (for TVP Warsaw)
14. Service Maintenance for Diesel engine – basic experience
15. The technical opinion of electronic devices after technical catastrophes and burning
16. Projecting and Building internal wooden construction
17. Sales a DVC & DSC equipment with 170% sales result in may 2007 v/s 2006
English - Good
(in constant use since 1990 – Technical International Trainings,
Correspondence with Factories, International Technical Fairs,
Presentations etc. in UK, NL, ESP, DE, FR, PL)
Microsoft Office:
Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook, Power Point, Graphic Software, Technical Software, Projecting
NLE software:
Non Linear Video-Audio Softw. Adobe, AVID, Panasonic DV Edit, Quantel – etc.
1. Creating Short Video Spots, Commercials, historical film, artistic film, document, turistic
2. Artistic Photography
3. Electronic assembly of films /in use MATROX RT 2500 NLE/
4. HAM Operator