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Польша Польша


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Jacek Polczynski
Warszawa Польша

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Thank you for visiting my profile!

I got first contact with the ham radio in early 80's via scouts radio club in my town. It was SP7ZJK. I got my SWL licence and caught “HAM virus”.

I spent dozen of hours with my younger brother Jurek (today SP9JP) sitting next to him and literally pushing him to call CQ and make QSO. He managed to work with Japan, US and other stations, which at that time were behind iron curtain. Each and every QSL card was treated by us like precious gem. Martial law introduced in Poland slowed things down; our club license was revoked.

Then came my University years - I moved to Cracow and de facto lost connection with the Ham world. I finished university, found job, got married, raised children ... carried on normal life.

A combination of circumstances related to my health and increasing information stream from my brother about ham radio turned my eyes back to the hobby. During our youth I push him in that direction, since 2014 he pulls me to the radio.

Finally in the April of 2015 I passed exam for A class licence and since then I’m active as SP5JP.

Preparation for the exam is story itself. With my older son Pawe? we had a bet. He won and passed the A class exam on the same day as me and became SP5PP. He is not active nowadays, however I believe that Ham spirit will grow and one day we will meet on the air.

“Brother” means competition, so we compete with Jurek. Who will get confirmation from rare dxcc entity and so on. I enjoy contesting as well.

I'm owner of SO7T callsign for contesting.

I'm active on 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m band due to antenna restriction.

My interest to computers and computer science turned my to digital modes, so I enjoy PSK, JT, Hellschreiber modes as well as CW.

Please QSL via LoTW, eQSL, bureau (I’m member of PZK), or direct works for me. I promise to respond to your QSL ASAP.

73 de SP5JP Jacek

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