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Украина Украина


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Дата смерти: 23.09.2017
Александр Иванович Шевченко
Alexander I. Shevchenko

Dnepropetrovsk Украина

Просмотров: 6,865
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Hellow! It\'s me Alex- Shevchenko Alexander. My callsign UR5EAW was given in april 1995 ( extra-class). I was born in Dnepropetrovsk city in 16 of April 1960 it\'s the central part of Ukraine . Dnepropetrovsk is very big and beautiful city . It\'s well developed one. Population is about 1.3 million people. It\'s industrial and shuttle-project centre of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Dnepropetrovsk sited on one of the greatest and biggest rivers in Europe. My hobby is HAM RADIO. I\'m very devoted to it. I am the member of Ukranian Amateur Radio Leaque ( UARL), Diplom Interested Group (DIG)#5749, Russian Rabinzon Club ( RRC)#292, International Club of diplomed radioamateurs(KDR)#89, International beer\'s lovers radio club (BRC)#22 and regional club \" M-73\"#1. While I travelled all over the world I had the different callsigns. HA1AD/2 in Hungary, OE1XA in Austria, DC1/UR5EAW in Germany. My portable callsign in Lisichansk is UR0MW. I am the member and manager of National team of Ukraine of radio HF - EM0HQ and Headquaters Station of UARL. I am the chief -manager of UR2E club station every contest. I am the president of Dnepropetrovsk regional Federation of radiosport . My ex-hobby was motocross I have been devoted to it for a long time and I reached the highest results in it.I work in the Dnepropetrovsk law institute. I have the sience degree in computer tecnology and up-to-date database systems. I am married and my family consists of 5 persons.My wife is Tatiana Shevchenko. I have two sons Uriy and Konstantin they are devoted to football. And my daughter Ulia she is artist. I have a lot of friends all over the world thanks giving to Radio and motosport. My friends! I wish you strong health, good luck, inspiration in work and nice leasure. GREETING FROM UKRAINE! BEST 73! Your friend \"Alex\". I shall see you later...