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Украина Украина


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Дата смерти:
Игорь И. Кринецкий
Igor I. Krinetsky

Одесса Украина


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I was born on January 14, 1969 in Odessa. Еducation - High (1986-1993 Odessa National Maritime Academy) 1995-1997- worked an electroengineer on vessels of the Black Sea Shipping company. I have many friends in air : UX5HY,UR5FFC,UR5FEO,etc... At January 1995 I\'m visit to my friend in PA (PA3DMM) Henk.Also have friend in Chivetovekia(Italy) I0KHP (Patrick). He is member of Marconi Club. In radiosports I take a great interest till 1986. Began as SWL (UB5-070-732). In 1994 has received the license on call-signal UR5FCM.In 1996 - member of Ukrainian CW Club (#1886). Also very activity in contest and Dx\'ng 2000-2002 years. At begining of 2003 year I\'m learnign Visual Basic and write my first software for radiomateurs \"QSL Managers\".This is my first step in programming on Visual Basic. Now not working in the air, because very busy in new job - programming. Download my software and write me what you think about... At 2009 I\'m return to HF bands and make my new TX 5W QRP and also stay member of RU-QRP(#237) and BSCC Clubs(#402)