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HwB: Nullmodem (9-25) Cable

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Nullmodem (9-25) Cable

Use this cable between two DTE devices (for instance two computers).

9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (To Computer 1).
25 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (To Computer 2).

9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to Computer 1.
25 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to Computer 2.

D-Sub 9 D-Sub 25
Receive Data 2 2 Transmit Data
Transmit Data 3 3 Receive Data
Data Terminal Ready 4 6+8 Data Set Ready + Carrier Detect
System Ground 5 7 System Ground
Data Set Ready + Carrier Detect 6+1 20 Data Terminal Ready
Request to Send 7 5 Clear to Send
Clear to Send 8 4 Request to Send
Note: DSR & CD are jumpered to fool the programs to think that they are online.
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