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HwB: MSX Joystick Connector

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MSX Joystick

9 PIN D-SUB MALE (At the computer)
9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (At the joystick cable)

9 PIN D-SUB MALE at the computer.
9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the joystick cable.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 /FORWARD <-- Forward
2 /BACK <-- Backward
3 /LEFT <-- Left
4 /RIGHT <-- Right
5 +5V --> +5 VDC (50mA max)
6 /TRG1 <-> Trigger A / Output 1
7 /TRG2 <-> Trigger A / Output 1
8 OUTPUT --> Output 3
9 GND --- Signal Ground
Note: Direction is Computer relative Joystick.
Warning: Pin 5 is +5V on MSX and Mouse Button 2 on Amiga. Since Amiga mousebutton is active low, connecting an Amiga mouse to a MSX and pressing mousebutton 2 will shortcut the supply voltage.
Contributor: Joakim Цgren
Source: Mayer's SV738 X'press I/O map
Please send any comments to Joakim Цgren.