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The Hardware Book is available in some other formats as well. Since these are converted from HTML the result may sometimes look a little bit strange. If there is some major visual errors or if a link does not work, feel free to send an e-mail. These versions is currently to be considered as beta. And btw, if you like to see HwB in some other format, let me know.

NEW: There is now also a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of HwB. You will love the result. I do... :-)

HTTP Filesize Date Description
HWB13W95.ZIP 648674 1997-11-23 WinHelp-version for Windows 95 & Windows NT v4.0. (256 colors)
HWB13WIN.ZIP 608463 1997-11-23 WinHelp-version for Windows v3.x. & Windows NT v3.5x (Will work on Windows 95 & Windows NT v4.0, but not as fancy as the native version).
HWB13PDF.ZIP 766844 1997-11-23 PDF-version. Use Adobe Acrobat to view this file. Really nice if you would like to print a copy of HwB.
HWB13HTM.ZIP 772630 1997-11-23 HTML version, compressed with Zip. Open hwb/hwb.html in your HTML-browser.
HWB13HTM.TGZ 491335 1997-11-23 HTML version, compressed with Tar+GZip. Open hwb/hwb.html in your HTML-browser.
HWB13AMI.LHA 750904 1997-11-23 HTML Amiga version, compressed with LhA. Open HwB/hwb.html in your HTML-browser.

To find a mirror site near you, search for it at C|Net's Shareware.com, or via FTP-Search:

Shareware.com Search for the WinHelp versions with C|Net's Shareware.com.
FTP-Search Search for the WinHelp versions with FTP-Search.

You'll also find HwB as a Debian GNU/Linux package in the "non-free" section.

Note: It looks like there is some problems with the Windows 95 WinHelp version on 256-colors resolutions. This is very strange! Please use the Windows v3.x version if this happens to you. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
(C) Joakim Цgren 1996,1997