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HwB: Mirror Menu


The Hardware Book is mirrored and is available at the following locations.

USA http://www.blackdown.org/~hwb/hwb.html Mainsite. Webspace provided by Karl Asha.
USA http://www.sonic.net/~alanwall/hwb/hwb.html Alt.site provided by Alan Crandall.
USA, Memphis http://www.spock.powerserve.com/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by Spock.
USA, Connecticut http://tsikora.tiac.net/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by Power-Users BBS
USA http://www.blee.net/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by BleeNET.
Korea http://www.tec.comtec.co.kr/doc/connectors/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by Kim Chang-Hyun.
Africa http://dent.ee.up.ac.za/ee/hwb/hwb.html For use by African users only.
Sweden http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/etext/hwb/hwb.html Provided by SUNET, Swedish University Network.
Sweden http://www.zettweb.com/semiconductors/hwb/hwb.html Scandinavian mirror provided by ZettWeb
Sweden http://www.dataplus.se/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by Dataplus
Norway http://mac.pvv.org/hwb/hwb.html Just another mirror in Europe.
Finland http://sunsite.tut.fi/hwb/hwb.html Mirror.
Denmark http://sunsite.auc.dk/hwb/hwb.html An European mirror of HwB
United Kingdom http://eleceng.ukc.ac.uk/hwb/hwb.html UK Mirror of HwB
Germany http://marvin.pci.uni-heidelberg.de/hwb/hwb.html Mirror.
Germany http://www.gewidor.de/hwb/hwb.html Mirror.
Germany http://www.dasgip.de/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by DASGIP mbH, JЃlich
Switzerland http://www.softline-intra.ch/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by softline intra
Italy http://ftp.unina.it/pub/electronics/hwb/hwb.html Another European mirror of HwB
Italy http://cerbero.elet.polimi.it:777/hwb/hwb.html A Hwb mirror site provided by Politecnico di Milano
Netherlands http://margo.student.utwente.nl/stefan/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by Stefan Wieman on Margo.
Portugal http://lwp.ualg.pt/docs/hwb/hwb.html Provided by LWP, Linux Wizard Project by Nuno Loureiro
Czech Republic http://www.unibase.cz/mirrors/hwb/hwb.html Webspace provided by UniBASE
Czech Republic http://sunsite.mff.cuni.cz/hwb/hwb.html Mirror at SunSITE Czech Republic
Croatia http://sunsite.srce.hr/mirror/ftp.blackdown.org/hwb/hwb.html Mirror.
Greece http://www.serres.hol.gr/computers/hwb/hwb.html CyberNet On-Line Services
Greece http://www.ntua.gr/electronics/hwb/hwb.html National Technical University of Athens, GREECE
Russia http://valera.itep.ru/hwb/hwb.html Russian mirror. Weekdays only.
Austria http://nswt.tuwien.ac.at:8000/htdocs/hwb/hwb.html Mirror.

Send me a mail if you are interested in hosting a mirror for the Hardware Book.

(C) Joakim Цgren 1996,1997