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Интерфейс CompactPCI - разводка кабеля, техническая информация, описание

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PCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect.
CompactPCI is a version of PCI adapted for industrial and/or embedded applications.

NOT DRAWN YET (at the backplane)
NOT DRAWN YET (at the device (card))

7x47 PIN (IEC917 and IEC1076-4-101) CONNECTOR at the backplane.
7x47 PIN (IEC917 and IEC1076-4-101) CONNECTOR at the device (card).

Pin Name Description
Z1 GND Ground
Z2 GND Ground
Z3 GND Ground
Z4 GND Ground
Z5 GND Ground
Z6 GND Ground
Z7 GND Ground
Z8 GND Ground
Z9 GND Ground
Z10 GND Ground
Z11 GND Ground
Z12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
Z13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
Z14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
Z15 GND Ground
Z16 GND Ground
Z17 GND Ground
Z18 GND Ground
Z19 GND Ground
Z20 GND Ground
Z21 GND Ground
Z22 GND Ground
Z23 GND Ground
Z24 GND Ground
Z25 GND Ground
Z26 GND Ground
Z27 GND Ground
Z28 GND Ground
Z29 GND Ground
Z30 GND Ground
Z31 GND Ground
Z32 GND Ground
Z33 GND Ground
Z34 GND Ground
Z35 GND Ground
Z36 GND Ground
Z37 GND Ground
Z38 GND Ground
Z39 GND Ground
Z40 GND Ground
Z41 GND Ground
Z42 GND Ground
Z43 GND Ground
Z44 GND Ground
Z45 GND Ground
Z46 GND Ground
Z47 GND Ground
A1 5V +5 VDC
A2 TCK Test Clock
A3 INTA# Interrupt A
A4 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
A5 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
A6 REQ# Request PCI transfer
A7 AD(30) Address/Data 30
A8 AD(26) Address/Data 26
A9 C/BE(3)# Command: Byte Enable
A10 AD(21) Address/Data 21
A11 AD(18) Address/Data 18
A12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
A13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
A14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
A15 3.3V +3.3 VDC
A16 DEVSEL# Device Select
A17 3.3V +3.3 VDC
A18 SERR# System Error
A19 3.3V +3.3 VDC
A20 AD(12) Address/Data 12
A21 3.3V +3.3 VDC
A22 AD(7) Address/Data 7)
A23 3.3V +3.3 VDC
A24 AD(1) Address/Data 1)
A25 5V +5 VDC
A26 CLK1 Clock ?? MHz
A27 CLK2 Clock ?? MHz
A28 CLK4 Clock ?? MHz
A29 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
A30 C/BE(5)# Command: Byte Enable
A31 AD(63) Address/Data 63
A32 AD(59) Address/Data 59
A33 AD(56) Address/Data 56
A34 AD(52) Address/Data 52
A35 AD(49) Address/Data 49
A36 AD(45) Address/Data 45
A37 AD(42) Address/Data 42
A38 AD(38) Address/Data 38
A39 AD(35) Address/Data 35
A40 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
A41 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
A42 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
A43 USR User Defined
A44 USR User Defined
A45 USR User Defined
A46 USR User Defined
A47 USR User Defined
B1 -12V -12 VDC
B2 5V +5 VDC
B3 INTB# Interrupt B
B4 GND Ground
B5 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
B6 GND Ground
B7 AD(29) Address/Data 29
B8 GND Ground
B9 IDSEL Initialization Device Select
B10 GND Ground
B11 AD(17) Address/Data 17
B12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
B13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
B14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
B15 FRAME# Address or Data phase
B16 GND Ground
B17 SDONE Snoop Done
B18 GND Ground
B19 AD(15) Address/Data 15
B20 GND Ground
B21 AD(9) Address/Data 9)
B22 GND Ground
B23 AD(4) Address/Data 4)
B24 5V +5 VDC
B25 REQ64#  
B26 GND Ground
B27 CLK3 Clock ?? MHz
B28 GND Ground
B29 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
B30 GND Ground
B31 AD(62) Address/Data 62
B32 GND Ground
B33 AD(55) Address/Data 55
B34 GND Ground
B35 AD(48) Address/Data 48
B36 GND Ground
B37 AD(41) Address/Data 41
B38 GND Ground
B39 AD(34) Address/Data 34
B40 GND Ground
B41 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
B42 GND Ground
B43 USR User Defined
B44 USR User Defined
B45 USR User Defined
B46 USR User Defined
B47 USR User Defined
C1 TRST# Test Logic Reset
C2 TMS Test Mode Select
C3 INTC# Interrupt C
C4 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C5 RST Reset
C6 3.3V +3.3 VDC
C7 AD(28) Address/Data 28
C8 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C9 AD(23) Address/Data 23
C10 3.3V +3.3 VDC
C11 AD(16) Address/Data 16
C12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
C13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
C14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
C15 IRDY# Initiator Ready
C16 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C17 SBO# Snoop Backoff
C18 3.3V +3.3 VDC
C19 AD(14) Address/Data 14
C20 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C21 AD(8) Address/Data 8)
C22 3.3V +3.3 VDC
C23 AD(3) Address/Data 3)
C24 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C25 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
C26 REQ1# Request PCI transfer
C27 SYSEN#  
C28 GNT3# Grant
C29 C/BE(7) Command: Byte Enable
C30 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C31 AD(61) Address/Data 61
C32 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C33 AD(54) Address/Data 54
C34 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C35 AD(47) Address/Data 47
C36 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C37 AD(40) Address/Data 40
C38 V(I/O) +3.3 VDC or +5 VDC
C39 AD(33) Address/Data 33
C40 FAL# Power Supply Status FAL (CompactPCI specific)
C41 DEG# Power Supply Status DEG (CompactPCI specific)
C42 PRST# Push Button Reset (CompactPCI specific)
C43 USR User Defined
C44 USR User Defined
C45 USR User Defined
C46 USR User Defined
C47 USR User Defined
D1 +12V +12 VDC
D2 TDO Test Data Output
D3 5V +5 VDC
D5 GND Ground
D6 CLK  
D7 GND Ground
D8 AD(25) Address/Data 25
D9 GND Ground
D10 AD(20) Address/Data 20
D11 GND Ground
D12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
D13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
D14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
D15 GND Ground
D16 STOP# Stop transfer cycle
D17 GND Ground
D18 PAR Parity for AD0-31 & C/BE0-3
D19 GND Ground
D20 AD(11) Address/Data 11
D21 M66EN  
D22 AD(6) Address/Data 6)
D23 5V +5 VDC
D24 AD(0) Address/Data 0)
D25 3.3V +3.3 VDC
D26 GNT1# Grant
D27 GNT2# Grant
D28 REQ4# Request PCI transfer
D29 GND Ground
D30 C/BE(4)# Command: Byte Enable
D31 GND Ground
D32 AD(58) Address/Data 58
D33 GND Ground
D34 AD(51) Address/Data 51
D35 GND Ground
D36 AD(44) Address/Data 44
D37 GND Ground
D38 AD(37) Address/Data 37
D39 GND Ground
D40 REQ5# Request PCI transfer
D41 GND Ground
D42 REQ6# Request PCI transfer
D43 USR User Defined
D44 USR User Defined
D45 USR User Defined
D46 USR User Defined
D47 USR User Defined
E1 5V +5 VDC
E2 TDI Test Data Input
E3 INTD# Interrupt D
E5 GNT# Grant
E6 AD(31) Address/Data 31
E7 AD(27) Address/Data 27
E8 AD(24) Address/Data 24
E9 AD(22) Address/Data 22
E10 AD(19) Address/Data 19
E11 C/BE(2)# Command: Byte Enable
E12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
E13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
E14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
E15 TRDY# Target Ready
E16 LOCK# Lock resource
E17 PERR# Parity Error
E18 C/BE(1)# Command: Byte Enable
E19 AD(13) Address/Data 13
E20 AD(10) Address/Data 10
E21 C/BE(0)# Command: Byte Enable
E22 AD(5) Address/Data 5)
E23 AD(2) Address/Data 2)
E24 ACK64#  
E25 5V +5 VDC
E26 REQ2# Request PCI transfer
E27 REQ3# Request PCI transfer
E28 GNT4# Grant
E29 C/BE(6)# Command: Byte Enable
E30 PAR64  
E31 AD(60) Address/Data 60
E32 AD(57) Address/Data 57
E33 AD(53) Address/Data 53
E34 AD(50) Address/Data 50
E35 AD(46) Address/Data 46
E36 AD(43) Address/Data 43
E37 AD(39) Address/Data 39
E38 AD(36) Address/Data 36
E39 AD(32) Address/Data 32
E40 GNT5# Grant
E41 BRSV Bused Reserved (don't use)
E42 GNT6# Grant
E43 USR User Defined
E44 USR User Defined
E45 USR User Defined
E46 USR User Defined
E47 USR User Defined
F1 GND Ground
F2 GND Ground
F3 GND Ground
F4 GND Ground
F5 GND Ground
F6 GND Ground
F7 GND Ground
F8 GND Ground
F9 GND Ground
F10 GND Ground
F11 GND Ground
F12 KEY Keyed (no pin)
F13 KEY Keyed (no pin)
F14 KEY Keyed (no pin)
F15 GND Ground
F16 GND Ground
F17 GND Ground
F18 GND Ground
F19 GND Ground
F20 GND Ground
F21 GND Ground
F22 GND Ground
F23 GND Ground
F24 GND Ground
F25 GND Ground
F26 GND Ground
F27 GND Ground
F28 GND Ground
F29 GND Ground
F30 GND Ground
F31 GND Ground
F32 GND Ground
F33 GND Ground
F34 GND Ground
F35 GND Ground
F36 GND Ground
F37 GND Ground
F38 GND Ground
F39 GND Ground
F40 GND Ground
F41 GND Ground
F42 GND Ground
F43 GND Ground
F44 GND Ground
F45 GND Ground
F46 GND Ground
F47 GND Ground
Contributor: Joakim Цgren
Source: CompactPCI specifications v1.0 at CompactPCI's homepage
Mark Sokos PCI page
"Inside the PCI Local Bus" by Guy W. Kendall, Byte, February 1994 v 19 p. 177-180
"The Indispensible PC Hardware Book" by Hans-Peter Messmer, ISBN 0-201-8769-3

Информация предоставлена справочником The Hardware Book Team 1996-2004.

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