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CANADC40 description

CADC40 - multichannel analog-to-digital converter

CANADC40M device is intended for measurements of output currents and voltages in multichannel controlled power supplies. It may be used as general purpose multichannel ADC. The device has optoisolated input and output registers on-board. It gives an opportunity to build simple systems with the single devices. You can read a detail description of device (14-mar-2003) in pdf-file. A full description of obsolete version CANADC40 is here.
The device consist of:

- 40-channels ADC with differential inputs and PGA;
- 8-channel optoisolated output register;
- 8-channel optoisolated input register;
- CANBUS interface for communication with control computer;
- embedded microcontroller.

    40-channels ADC design is based on delta-sigma ADC chip, programmable gain amplifier and analog multiplexers. An embedded microprocessor provides multichannel (from 1 up to 40) measurements or fast measurements of single channel. Measured values may be sent to a control computer or may be stored in on-board memory. Stored values may be sent to a control computer after special request from network. Measurements of all devices in network or programmable group of devices may be started or breaked by single broadcast message.

Parameters of CANADC40M:
- resolution of ADC  24 bits;
- accuracy  0.03%;
- input ranges  10V, 1V (and additional ranges 100 and 10 mV);
- channels of output register  8;
- channels of input register   8

Additionally You can read some paper, for example here.