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Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 489

12.12.2000 10:35:55

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster

DX Bulletin No. 489

BID: $OPDX.489

December 11, 2000

Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW

Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio

Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX

Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AD1C, NB1B, AI2Q, WB2YQH/

WB2RAJ & The 59(9) DX Report, K3BEQ, W3UR & The Daily DX, WB3JFS, K4VUD,



SM7CRW, UT5RP, UX2RY and VU2JOS for the following DX information.

1S, SEALAND. As of press time, there is NO sign of 1SL1A on the air from

the "Principality of Sealnd". Operation was to begin on December 9th and

last until the 12th. Also, 1SL1A was going to be active in the 10 meter

contest this past weekend. Stay tuned!

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA. Don/K6IPV and Dave/W6AQ will operate from the Hillview

Gardens Resort club station, 9M6AAC, a few days before the ARRL CW DX Contest

in February 2001. Their orginal plans were to be active from Layang-Layang

in the Spratley Islands (9M0) for the ARRL CW DX Contest (February 17-18th).

However, Don, K6IPV, informs OPDX that "Murphy's Law" has struck their

operation. He states, "No sooner do we firm up our arrangements and

announce our trip to the Spratleys (9M0) but we find that the island has

'been closed for repairs'! It will reopen on March 1st, too late for us.

We're rapidly putting together another potential side trip from Hillview

Gardens Resort and 9M6AAC. We still intend to operate from there and may

operate the contest from there. Further details to follow in the next few

days." Stay tuned!

A5, BHUTAN. By the time you read this, Charly's, K4VUD, A52UD operation

will be coming to a close (December 12th). Yani, 9M6US, has QRTed his

operation as A52AP last week. Earlier in the week Charly reported on some

interesting details on his trip to A5. Here is an excerpt from his E-mail

message: "Arrived Thimphu Bhutan Ham Center after airplane routing problems

from Frankfurt to Bangkok. Someone in India is now using my laptop computer,

Heil footswitch, and many other things stolen out of my suitcases while in

transit via India! So, hand logging all the way. Also, bags were delayed

(to give time to really steal all the good stuff) so I had no earphones for

a while... that made pileup management even more difficult. Now, I have my

Heil and squeeze key so will be a little bit better for you guys. Was

sending with the buttons on the ICOM mic for a while! The Sophun Ham Center

in Bhutan is GREAT... several rigs, three linears, and A-3S up 30 ft along

with dipoles. Jani (A52AP) and I strung a beverage south, and put up an

inverted L resonated in 160m. The WARC A-3W goes up this afternoon. The

hotel is supurb with lots of beautiful finished wood and Bhutanese

decoration. Food is great, too. Recommended....5 stars!" Remember to

QSL A52UD to K4VUD and A52AP to N2OO.

CARIBBEAN TRIP (J6/J7). Tom, LA4LN, will be operating as J6/LA4LN (or

a separate J6 callsign) from St. Lucia, December 14-28th, and as J7/LA4LN

(or separate J7 callsign) from Dominica, December 28th through January 4th

(2001). He states that his licence applications were filed along time ago,

but licences will have to be picked upon his arrivals. Tom will be on the

radio when time permits, using an Icom IC-706MkII transceiver and wire

antennas. He will be equipped to operate all HF bands from 160-10 meters,

plus 6 meters. Activity will mainly be on CW with some RTTY possibly. His

suggested CW frequencies are: 3505, 7005, 10105, 14025, 18073, 21025,

24895, 28025 and 50105 kHz (all +/- QRM). 160 meters will be tried if

the noise conditions make it possible. There will be split frequency

operation when needed. Please QSL DIRECT to LA4LN's home address at:

Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsas, N-0411 OSLO, NORWAY.

CX, URUGUAY. Jorge, CX6VM, reports that he is active Monday through

Friday on 12 meters (around 24897 kHz) and on 17 meters (around 18073

kHz) between 1030-1200z and between 2130-2330z. During the weekends

he will be on more on these bands. Jorge's station uses a Cushcraft R7000

vertical and 100 watts. QSL ONLY DIRECT (please) to W3HNK because

he is having trouble getting cards from the bureau. W3HNK's address is:

Joseph Arcure Jr., P. O. Box 73, Edgemont, PA 19028 USA

D6, COMOROS. Don, G3XTT, sent out a press release this past week and an

update on the forthcoming "Five Star DXers" D68C DXpedition to the Comoros

to be active about Febraury 8-28th (Complete press release will be provided

to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin). In short,

they state that they will be the "biggest DXpeditions of all time". Some

3000kg (3 metric tons) of equipment has been shipped and 28 operators

are signed up to participate (some will be there for the whole of the

period, some for part of the time). Three new members have been added

to the team: Jens/DL7AKC, John/N7CQQ and Victor/UT8LL. A container of

equipment was shipped on the "Julius Oldendorff" ex-Felixstowe (UK) on

November 30th. It's a 20 foot container and is about three-quarters full

- there is around 20 cu. meters of kit with a total weight of over 3

tons (3,000 kgs). In the container there are 10 transceivers, 9 linears,

4000 meters of coax, 1600 meters of control cable, 6000 meters of radial

wire, 9 Yagi antennas, 11 masts, Four-squares for 40m and 80m, Verticals

for 30m and Top Band, 64+ heavy guy stakes, 11 lap-top computers and

1 generator etc etc... Their activity will be on all bands including the

WARC bands and also an entry in the ARRL CW DX Contest (February 17-18th).

For more details, check the D68C Web Page which continues to be updated

with the latest news. The Web address is: http://www.dxbands.com/comoros

EA8, CANARY ISLANDS. Look for Alan, G3XAQ, to be active as EA8/G3XAQ

from December 21-28th. Hie activity will be mainly on CW.

EN23, UKRAINE (Special Event). Just a reminder that on December 15th,

the Ukraine Unit-III of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP) will be

closing. During December 14-16th a group of Ukraine operators from the

town of Slavutich will activate the special callsign EN23RW. A special

full colored QSL card will be available for making contacts with EN23RW.

QSL direct to UX2RY: Andre Asriyanz, P.O.Box 14, Slavutich-3, Kiev obl.,

07100, Ukraine, or through bureau. The log will placed on the following

Web page at: http://www.radio.cn.ua

EP, IRAN. Mohsen, EP3SMH, has been very active over the last week on

15 and 20 meters. Activity seems to take place between 1230 and 1800z

(with some activity as late as 2000z on 40 meters SSB working JAs). QSL

via Box 17665-411, Teheran, Iran.

HB, SWITZERLAND. George, N2APB, will be spending the next week here

on business, but will also be bringing along some QRP gear. He will be

signing as HB/N2APB. George will be working on the QRP frequencies on

20/30/40 meters. Also, he will be bringing his portable PSK station

to work 20 meters PSK. He hopes to be operating on Mon, Tues, Wed and

Fri during 0200-0400z. Here is the interesting part as George states, "On

Thursday, I'll be taking a train up into the Swiss Alps which will end

close to the top of Eiger Mountain. (Remember movie 'The Eiger Sanction'

from years ago, starring a young Clint Eastwood?) There's a restaurant up

there at 11,000 feet at which most normal people have lunch and look around

for a couple of hours. I, however, being of not-quite sound mind and body,

will be outside in the sub-sub-zero temperatures and low-oxygen air working

my Portable PSK (controller & PSK-20 in a box, no computer) with a St.

Louis Vest Pocket Vertical antenna (featured in recent QRPp and QHB). The

time for this should be around 1200z on Thursday. Hope to work some of

you guys! (Hope I make it back down, unfrozen.)"

IOTA NEWS................

EU-098. Look for DH3ZK to be active now through Decemebr 17th from

Poel Island. DX stations please listen on 14260 and 21260

kHz, and Europe on 7095 kHz. JA stations listen between

0900-1000z on 21260 kHz.

NA-140. Look for K3RE to be active from Smith Island, Maryland

(in Cheasapeake Bay). The reference number for the USIA

is MD-030S. This activity will be from December 16-17th,

(1700-1700z, 24 hour operation). Suggested frequencies are:

7260, 3860, 14260, 21260 and 28460 on SSB and .040 on CW.

QSL to K3RE (USA stations SASE and stations outside the

USA - SAE, 1 Greenstamp or appropriate number of IRCs.).

JT, MONGOLIA. Naranbaatar (Naran), JT1BV, informs OPDX that he has been

active around 28475 (+/-10 kHz) at about 0100-0300z for the USA and at

about 0800-1130z for Europe. QSL via direct only to: Mr. Naranbaatar T,

C.P.O Box 820, Ulaanbaatar-13, MONGOLIA (via JAPAN).

KG4, GUANTANAMO BAY. Bill, W4WX, a member of the Florida DXPedition

Group, will operate from GTMO as KG4GC from December 12-18th. Bill will

concentrate on RTTY and 6 meters. QSL via bureau or direct to his home

callsign W4WX.

QSL INFO AND NEWS...............

Dennis, NB1B, a USPS Postmaster, reported on some more postal increases

this week. He was able to verify that the cost of IRCs will go from

1.05 USD to 1.75 USD on January 7th. The 1.05 USD sounds like a bargain

right now! Dennis was also able to verify that, as of that date, IRCs

can be exchanged for 80 cents worth of stamps or other postal products

- no cash refunds. For an airmail letter, 1 ounce to anywhere in the

world will be 80 cents (except Canada and Mexico which is 60 cents).

A 2 ounce airmail letter, however, will cost as follows:

1.60 USD for Rate Group 3 which is mainly Western Europe, but not totally.

1.70 USD for Rate Group 4 which is Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

1.55 USD for Rate Group 5 which is the rest of the world.

More details on the U.S. postal increase can also be found on the

web at: http://www.usps.gov/news/2001rate.htm

The rates are at the bottom of the page.

Manu/3DA0AE and Norby/3DA0AD are the callsigns that were granted for

these two to be active from Swaziland. They participated in the ARRL

10 Meter Contest this past weekend. QSL to LX1NO.

John, SM7CRW, was active in the ARRL 10 Meters Contest this past weekend

from Oland Island (EU-037 for IOTA awards) as 8S7A. The Island is new

for the "World Heritage List" (001112). QSL via W3HNK.

Con, DF4SA, who was active as 9H3MM in Malta during the CQWW CW Contest

informs OPDX that all QSOs will be confirmed through the bureau via

DF4SA. If somebody still wants to send direct, please only QSL to the

following address: Cornelius Paul, Adelberger Weg 3, D-73104 Breech,

Germany. QSL cards will be printed next month (January/2001).

LOG STILL OPEN! Fred, K4MPI, who operated from Taiwan as BV1US from

July 1959 and June 1961, and made about 20,000 QSOs, states that folks

can still request QSLs from his current CBA address.

Please take note! There is a new QSL Manager for CO8DM. QSL now via

DL9US. CO8DM's former QSL Manager, DL5DSH, has become a "Silent Key"

last week at the age of 37 leaving behind a family with two young

children... OPDX sends out our deepest sympathy to DL5DSH's family.

Rick, AI5P, announced this past week that the AI5P/CY9 and FP/AI5P

QSLs have arrived, and he is currently sending out the direct cards.

All bureau cards will be answered via the bureau.

The recent operation of GJ2A during the CQWW CW Contest should be QSLed

to: JARS, PO Box 338, Jersey, United Kingdom, JE4 9YG. Some sources

are stating to QSL via MJ0BJU (Anne). This is OK, but may take longer

due to Anne not being on the island for the next month.

Nob, JF2MBF, informs OPDX that the ZK1NDK (Penrhyn Atoll, N. Cook

Island) log is now available on-line log at:


He also mentions that both ZK1NDK and ZK1NJC QSLs (5 kinds of full

color QSLs) will be ready very soon.

T2, TUVALU (also possibly 3D2). The "DX Newletter" reports that Albert,

HB9BCK, intends to be active as T20CK from December 28 through January 8th.

Activity will be on 40-10 meters on CW/SSB (perhaps RTTY/PSK31) running

an IC-706 into wire antennas. Perhaps he will show up also from Fiji

operating as 3D2BCK two days prior/after the T2 operation. QSL via bureau

to HB9BCK or CBA (Europe: 1USD/IRC, outside EU 2USD/IRC).

V4, ST. KITTS. Larry, KJ4UY, will be operating as V47UY from December

10-18th. Using an Icom IC-756 with an R-7 and A-3, he will be active on

10 meters through 40 meters. He states that he may use a dipole for 80

meters but NO 160 meter activity on this trip. The IOTA number for St.

Kitts is NA-104. QSL to his home callsign, KJ4UY, at: Larry Wolf,

3528 Oak Grove Court, Haines City, Florida 33844-9298.

VK0, MACQUARIE ISLAND. This will be the last week to work Alan, VK0MM.

He will be QRT on or around December 17th. Activity lately seems to be

mainly on 30 meters CW and 20 meters CW/SSB. Check these bands after

0630z and again after 1100z. NO QSL ROUTE IS AVAILABLE YET.

VP8, FALKLAND ISLANDS. Rees, VP8DCD, has been quite active recently on

15 and 20 meters. He seems to frequent 21263 and 14260 kHz after or around

2300z. There seems to be some confusion on the QSL route for this one.

Most sources say QSL via G0JLE, however, Rees has been stating on the

air to QSL via P.O. Box 260, MPA, Falkland Islands.

VU, INDIA (Special Callsign). Jose, VU2JOS, mentioned this past week that

the "Ham Radio 2000 Millenium" meeting is to be held in Hyderabad, India,

on December 22, 23 and 24th. The station, using the special callsign

VU2HR2000, will be operational during that time.

WHERE TO GO NEXT? Gerard, PA3AXU, states/informs OPDX the following:

After my A3, 5W, ZK1/S and ZK1/N activities, I am looking for inputs

from the DX community for my next years' stop in the South Pacific.

Please submit your "wishes" through my home page at:


XW, LAOS (Also possibly XU). Mauro, IN3QBR, informs OPDX that he and

Fabry, IN3ZNR, have received amateur radio licenses from the Laotian MPTC

and will be active with the callsigns XW3QBR and XW3ZNR. Mauro will travel

to Vientiane on December 18th and Fabry will follow him on the 24th. They

plan to be on air the afternoon of the 27th. They will operate on CW and

SSB mode, and possibly RTTY. Activity will be on all HF bands including

the WARC bands. They will be looking for stateside stations, and will

transmit in the "general class" portion of the bands. XW3ZNR will QRT

on January 5th and XW3QBR on the 8th. They hope to have a good signal on

the air, but their power is limited at only 100 watts. Antennas are a

tribander and dipoles. QSL cards are sure via direct or bureau via QSL

Manager IN3ZNR: Fabrizio Vedovelli, Via Gramsci, 38100 Trento, ITALY.

Mauro also informs us that he will travel to Phnom Pen after his Laos

operation and will stay for four days. He states that he holds the XU7AAZ

callsign, and it is possible that he will be on the air January 10th or

11th. More details are forthcoming about the first few days of the new



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mail to me via " kb8nw@arrl.net "...... TNX de Tedd KB8NW



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Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers.


From: "Don Field" <g3xtt@lineone.net>

To: "OPDX Bulletin" <kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org>

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 21:39:26 -0000

MIME-Version: 1.0

Hello all.

I am pleased to send you the third of our D68C Bulletins. You have

requested it as a flat text file. Hope this is readable OK.

73 Don G3XTT


Five Star DXers go to D68 - Bulletin No.3=20

This is the third bulletin, with news of our forthcoming D68C DXpedition

to the Comoros (active from about 8th to 28th February).

We are delighted to say that everything remains on course for what will

be one of the biggest DXpeditions of all time. Some 3000kg (3 metric

tonnes) of equipment has been shipped (see below) and 28 operators are

signed up to participate (some will be there for the whole of the

period, some for part of the time).

New Team Members

Since the last bulletin, the following have joined the DXpedition team:

Jens DL7AKC, John N7CQQ, and Victor UT8LL. Jens is a CW expert, with

significant DX and contest experience. John was leader of the recent,

highly successful FO0AAA Clipperton Island expedition and brings a

wealth of expertise. Victor has organised and participated in many

DXpeditions, particularly for IOTA (Islands on the Air). The team is

now, barring possible last-minute changes, complete and consists of:

George, 5B4AGC, Marios 5B4WN, Jeff 9H1EL, Jens DL7AKC, Tony G0OPB,

Neville G3NUG, Don G3OZF, Mike G3SED, Steve G3VMW, John G3WGV, Don

G3XTT, Steve G4JVG, Nigel G4KIU, Justin G4TSH, Tim G4VXE, Bob GU4YOX,

Kazu JA1RJU, Taizo JA3AER, Yoichi JP1NWZ, Shaun M0BJL, Mark M0DXR, John

N7CQQ, Rob PE9PE, Hawk SM5AQD, Victor UT8LL, Maury W3EF and Wes W3WL.

Full biographies of all members, along with photographs, can be found

on the D68C Web page (see below).

Support Personnel

As well as chief pilot G3ZAY, we are delighted that Ray 9M2OM (G3NOM)

will be pilot for Asia. We expect to announce pilots for other regions

in the next bulletin.

The purpose of a DXpedition's pilot is to ensure smooth, timely,

responsive, two-way communication between the DXpedition team and the

'deserving'. Topics which the pilot might be asked to communicate about

are varied and could include: The suitability of chosen transmit and

receive frequencies with respect to recurrent QRM and local licensing

rules, The width and position of the split frequency listening range,

The emphasis given to different bands and modes, The general operating

style of team members, Optimal timing for each part of the world on each

band, Antenna improvements, Policy on sked times for individuals, The

QRT time for the DXpedition and station and band dismantling sequences.

Of course, DXers may also offer congratulations and bouquets - a

valuable morale booster for the DXpedition team when conditions are poor

or when sleep deficits are beginning to accumulate!

As well as the pilot stations, other support members include Don N1DG

and Richard G4ZFE (who, together, will handle online logs), Phil

Whitchurch G3SWH (QSLing, see Bulletin 1) and Bob Treacher BRS32525 who,

as with 9M0C, will handle SWL QSLs. Bob's address is 93 Elibank Rd,

Eltham, London SE9 1QJ, England.


A container was shipped on the "Julius Oldendorff" ex-Felixstowe (UK) on

30th November. It's a 20 foot container and is about three-quarters full

- there is around 20 cu. metres of kit with a total weight of over 3

tonnes (3,000 kgs). In the container are 10 transceivers, 9 linears,

4000 metres of coax, 1600 metres of control cable, 6000 metres of radial

wire, 9 Yagi antennas, 11 masts, Four-squares for 40m and 80m, Verticals

for 30m and Top Band, 64+ heavy guy stakes, 11 lap-top computers

1 generator etc etc.


We are pleased to have several new sponsors who all help to make the

expedition possible. These include Dunestar, whose filters will make it

possible for us to operate simultaneously on many bands without mutual

interference, Linear Amp UK who are providing a suitable amplifier for

6m operation, and Air Mauritius who those travelling from the UK will be

using for their travel to D68. Full details of all sponsorship appears

on the D68C Web site.

Further sponsorship is sought, especially from DX groups and

foundations, to help with the high cost of shipping some 3 tonnes of

equipment to D68, along with a number of other logistical matters. We

have now mailed our colour brochure to over 150 DX Clubs. If you are

involved with a DX Club which has not received a copy, please contact

Steve G4JVG (below). Sponsorship is being co-ordinated by the following:

US: Wes W3WL (blamboley@aol.com)

Japan: Taizo JA3AER (arakawa@sakuranet.co.jp)

Rest of the World: Steve G4JVG (g4jvg@cwcom.net)

Our treasurer John G3WGV (g3wgv@aol.com) will be pleased to accept


ARRL CW Contest

Contest enthusiasts will have noted that the D68C operation covers the

weekend of the ARRL DX CW Contest. It isn't always appropriate for

DXpeditions to engage in contest activity, as it can reduce the

opportunity for "little pistols" to work the DXpedition, while the "big

guns" who have already made a contact do so all over again in the

contest. However, given the scale of D68C, we believe we can comfortably

accommodate both constituencies. D68C will, therefore, participate in

the multi-two section of the contest, aiming for a new African record.

By choosing this section, we will continue to have several complete

stations available at D68C to work the WARC bands and SSB on the other

main bands. CW operation on the six contest bands will be restricted to

W/VE contacts for the duration of the contest (17 February at 0000Z to

18 February at 2400Z). The contest operation is being co-ordinated by

Maury, W3EF.


As well as the antennas described in earlier bulletins, D68C will have

available pairs of Force 12 vertical dipoles for 15m and 20m similar to

the ones used at K5K. It will be interesting to see how they compare

with the monobanders. All the antennas were fully assembled before


Web Page

The D68C Web Page continues to be updated with the latest news. To

remind everyone, the URL is www.dxbands.com/comoros There have already

been some 4000 "hits" on the site.

Look out for .

Future bulletins will be issued at roughly monthly intervals until our

departure. Now that the heavy equipment is pre-assembled and shipped, we

can start to focus on operating plans, propagation predictions, etc. If

you are not on my mailing list and wish to be, then please send me an


Don Field G3XTT, NK1G (g3xtt@lineone.net) 2nd December 2000

(D68C Publicity Officer)

"DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes", edited by Neville Cheadle G3NUG and

Steve Telenius-Lowe G4JVG offers, in the words of Wayne Mills N7NG, "A

comprehensive view of virtually all aspects of a major expedition for

the traveler and DXer alike. From early planning through QSLing, this

book offers a variety of thoughts and suggestions on every facet of the

DXpedition. It is by far the most complete 'how to' reference

available". The book is available in the USA for $28 plus $3 shipping

from IREF Inc, 118 Oak Ridge Drive, New Braunfels, Tx 78132. E-mail:

ad5a@sat.net Elsewhere the book can be obtained for =A316.95 plus

postage from Nevada (www.nevada.co.uk/book-DX.html), Unit 1, Fitzherbert

Spur, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 1TT, England (Tel: +44 23

9231 3090). Ordering can be by credit card. All surpluses from the sale

of the book will be used to sponsor future DXpeditions.



Tedd Mirgliotta KB8NW

InterNet: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org

Basic Amateur Radio Frequency BBS (BARF-80) +1 (440) 237-8208

"Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 28.8k-1200 baud

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FidoNet: 2:5064/11.30

12 декабря 2000 г.


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