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*** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** DX INFORMATION **** 9 December 2000 No 501

13.12.2000 18:19:57

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: ! ! ! ! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information ! ! (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU) ! ! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages ! ! (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------/


From the editors of 425 DX News to the dozens of readers who sent their congratulations on the publishing of issue #500: there were too many messages to cope with, but thanks to you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for the kindest words of appreciation and encouragement.

3D2_con - The first activity from Conway Reef (operators YT1AD, YU1RL, YU1NR, YU7AV, YS1RR, Z32AU and Z32ZM) [425DXN 495] is now scheduled to take place on 18-27 February 2001. Operations are expected on all bands from 160 to 6 and 2 metres and all modes (CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK, SSTV). [TNX YT1AD] 5T - Reportedly Yannick, 5T5YD hopes to operate from Arguin Island (AF-050) from 10 December. He did not indicate his length of stay on the island. [TNX GI0TJJ and Islands On The Web] 9A - Ewald, 9A5ID/DK3ID plans to operate from three Croatian islands on 27 December: Sv. Marko (EU-136, IOCA CI-117), Krk (EU-136, CI-046) and Cres (EU-136, CI-012). He will then be active from Losinj (EU-136, CI-058) for a few days. Further information on the Islands Of Croatia Award (IOCA) is available at http://www.qsl.net/9a6aa/islands.htm or http://ham2.irb.hr/hrs/ [TNX 9A6AA] C2 - Jack Haden, VK2GJH will be active as C21JH from Nauru (OC-031) on 10-22 December. Preference will be given to 50 MHz, but limited HF activity, including WARC and 29 MHz FM, will also take place. QSL to VK2GJH (direct only). For further information please visit http://web.one.net.au/~vk4cp [TNX VK2GJH] D6 - Everything remains on course for the D68C DXpedition to the Comoros, active from about 8 to 28 February 2001 [425DXN 495], including an entry in the multi-two section of the ARRL CW Contest (17-18 February). Some 3000kg of equipment was shipped on 30 November and 28 operators are signed up to participate (some will be there for the whole of the period, some for part of the time): 5B4AGC, 5B4WN, 9H1EL, DL7AKC, G0OPB, G3NUG, G3OZF, G3SED, G3VMW, G3WGV, G3XTT, G4JVG, G4KIU, G4TSH, G4VXE, GU4YOX, JA1RJU, JA3AER, JP1NWZ, M0BJL, M0DXR, N7CQQ, PE9PE, SM5AQD, UT8LL, W3EF and W3WL. The chief pilot will be Martin/G3ZAY, Ray/9M2OM (G3NOM) will be the pilot for Asia and pilots for other regions will be announced in due course. QSL via G3SWH (SWL QSLs will be handled by Bob, BRS32525). Further sponsorship, especially from DX groups and foundations, is sought and being co-ordinated by Wes/W3WL (blamboley@aol.com, for the US), Taizo/JA3AER (arakawa@sakurura.ner.jp, for Japan) and Steve/G4JVG (g4jvg@cwcom.net, for the rest of the world); donations can be sent to John/G3WGV (g3wgv@aol.com). Look for the latest news on the D68C Web Page at http://www.dxbands.com/comoros [TNX G3XTT] EA - Pepe, EA5KB reports he will operate from Isla Mata del Rei (DIEI V-26, not IOTA) on 9-10 December. QSL via EA5KB. FO - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that Alain, F2HE/FO0CLA [425DXN 499] has left for French Polynesia via Los Angeles. His plans for his 8-month (at least) staying include Rangiroa (OC-066), Rurutu (OC-050, Austral Islands), Mangareva (OC-063) and may be Pukapuka (OC-062). QSL via F6CTL. [TNX Les Nouvelles DX] HB0 - Wolf, DM2AUJ will operate as HB0/DM2AUJ from Liechtenstein between 19 and 23 December. He plans to concentrate on the low bands CW. QSL via the bureau to DM2AUJ. [TNX DX News Letter] I - Paolo, IV3UHL/P is active from Isola Cona (IIA GO-033, not IOTA). J6 - Tom, LA4LN will be active (mostly on CW, possibly with some RTTY) either as J6/LA4LN or with a J6 call from St. Lucia (NA-108) on 14-28 December. Suggested frequencies (+/- QRM) are 3505, 7005, 10105, 14025, 18073, 21025, 24895, 28025, 50105 kHz; 160 metres will be tried if noise conditions make it possible. QSL direct to LA4LN (Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsas, N-0411 Oslo, Norway) J7 - Tom, LA4LN will be active (mostly on CW, possibly with some RTTY) either as J7/LA4LN or with a J7 call from Dominica (NA-101) between 28 December and 4 January. Suggested frequencies (+/- QRM) are 3505, 7005, 10105, 14025, 18073, 21025, 24895, 28025, 50105 kHz; 160 metres will be tried if noise conditions make it possible. QSL direct to LA4LN (Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsas, N-0411 Oslo, Norway) JA - Takeshi, JI3DST will operate (on 40, 17 15, 12, 10 and 6 metres SSB) as JI3DST/6 from Daito Islands (AS-047) between 9 UTC on 30 December and 1 UTC on 7 January. QSL via JI3DST either direct (Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-Cho, Abeno-Ku, Osaka City, Osaka 545-0021, Japan) or, preferably, through the bureau. [TNX JI3DST] KG4 - Bill, W4WX will operate as KG4GC from Guantanamo Bay on 12-18 December. He will concentrate on RTTY and 6 metres. QSL via W4WX either direct or through the bureay. [TNX W4WX] KH0 - Look for Kenji, KH0/JA4GXS (160-6 metres, CW and SSB), Masayo, KH0/JF4LNO (6 metres SSB) and Shinichiro, KH0/JN4AWW (6 metres SSB) to operate from the Northern Marianas (OC-086) on 23-27 December. QSLs via JA4GXS (Kenji Sasaki, 2-15 Ishikannon-cho, Yamaguchi-city, 753-0038 Japan) [TNX JI6KVR] KP2 - Brian, ND3F will operate (CW only) as KP2/N3IQ from St. John, US Virgin Islands (NA-106) until 12 December, including an entry in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. Rod, WA0QII will operate as KP2/WA0QII (on 10 metres SSB only) from the same site. QSL via home calls. [TNX ND3F] P2 - Look for Steve, VK4EMS to be active again as P29BI from Bougainville Island (OC-135) starting on 6 December for two months. He will operate (probably on 20 metres SSB only) in his spare time. QSL via VK4EJ (Bernie McIvor, 30 Brennan Parade, Strathpine 4500 Australia). PA - Look for Marc, ON5FP to be signing PA/ON5FP/P from Texel Island (EU-038) on 28-30 December. He plans to operate on 20 and 40 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX ON5FP] PY - PU1NEZ/2 (Carl), PY1LVF/2 (Zeca), PY1NEW/2 (Pete) and PY1NEZ/2 (Lima) will be active from Comprida Island (SA-024) from 13 until 18 or 19 December. Look for them on CW (1835, 3530, 7030, 10115, 14040, 18098, 21040, 24895, 28040 and 50080 kHz) and SSB (1850, 3755, 7055, 14190, 14260, 18128, 21260, 24950, 28360, 28460, 28560, and 50110 kHz). QSL via home calls either direct or through the bureau. PY - Special event station PS5J will be active on all bands and modes on 7-12 January during the 11th Panamerican Scout Jamboree that will be held at Foz do Iguazu (Parana). QSL via PY5UEB or to P.O. Box 2019, 80011-970 Curitiba, Brazil Further information is available at http://www.qsl.net/ps5j [TNX PY5DZ] T2 - Albert, HB9BCK will be active as T20CK from Tuvalu (OC-015) on between 28 December and 8 January. He will operate on 10-40 metres CW and SSB, possibly on RTTY and PSK31 as well. He might be active as 3D2BCK from Fiji before and after T2. QSL via HB9BCK either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DX News Letter] T8 - Hiro, JK1FNN and his wife Mie, 7L1MKM will operate (on 10-80 metres CW and SSB) as T88HA and T88MY from Palau (OC-009) between 30 December and 3 January. QSL via JK1FNN. [TNX JI6KVR] V4 - Look for DF2SS to operate as V47SS from Nevis between 22 December and 6 January. He plans to be active on 160-10 metres (maybe 6 metres as well) CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home call. [TNX DL2VFR] VE - Dennis, K7BV will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as VY1/K7BV from the VY1 (Yukon) multiplier. He will operate mostly CW from VY1JA's QTH. QSL via KU9C. [TNX K7BV] VU - Special event station VU2HR2000 will be active during the Ham Radio 2000 Millenium meeting to be held in Hyderabad, India on 22-24 December. [TNX VU2JOS] W - If your current NA-140 credit is for a QSO with Kent Island (to be deleted in 2005), you should look for K3RE to operate from Smith Island (NA-140) from 17 UTC on 16 December to 17 UTC on the 17th. He will be active on SSB (7260, 3860, 14260, 21260, 28460 kHz) and CW (.040). QSL direct to K3RE (Robert E. Lee, 15527 Brandywine Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613, USA). [TNX K3BEQ]

ARRL 10 METER CONTEST: The following will be active in this year's event (9-10 December): - Giovanni, I5JHW from 3V8BB on SSB. - John, SM7CRW as 8S7A from Oland Island (EU-037). QSL via W3HNK. [TNX The Daily DX] - Deal, BA4TB and Michael, BD5RV/4 as B4R. QSL via JSDXC. [TNX BA4TB] - LP1F on CW and SSB. QSL via LU5FC (Jesus Rubio, San Juan 2694, Rosario 2000, SF, Argentina). [TNX LU5FC] - LP7H on SSB. QSL via LU9HS (Javier Santillan, Fournier 2783, Barrio Matienzo, X5011CDO Cordoba, Argentina). [TNX LU9HS] - Sergio/LU7YS, Alex/LU8VCC, Raff/LU7VCH and Guille/LW1EXU as Multi Operator High Power. QSL via LU8VCC. [TNX LU7YS] - Bruce, AA5B as VP5K from North Caicos (NA-002). [TNX OPDX Bulletin] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CONTEST/DX MEETING ---> The 7th annual International Contest/DX Meeting organized by Contest Club Finland (CCF) will be held on 19-21 January 2001 at the Tampere Spa Hotel, about 150 km north of Helsinki. Full information is available at http://ccf.contesting.com [TNX OH6YF]

GD4UOL QRT ---> "The 2000 trip to GD land was my final operation", Steve, G4UOL/GD4UOL states. "Since 1988 I have made 88,600 QSOs as GD4UOL and achieved most of my original objectives. I've certainly given many new band/country slots during this period". Steve's web pages (http://www.topcities.com/Personal/g4uol/) will be updated to include this year's log search, new pictures etc.

QSL 6Y5DA ---> Please note that VE4JK is no longer the QSL manager for Donald, 6Y5DA. Cards should be sent direct only to Donald himself. [TNX VK4CY]

QSL 9H3MM ---> Con, DF4SA reports that all of the contacts made during the CQ WW CW Contest will be confirmed automatically through the bureau. If you need a direct card, his address is Cornelius Paul, Adelberger Weg 3, D-73104 Breech, Germany

QSL CO8DM ---> After the untimely death of DL5DSH, who passed away a few days ago at the age of 37, the new QSL manager is DL9US. [TNX DJ2PJ]

QSL UA0QT ---> If you still need a card from UA0QT (1 August 1986 - 1 August 1989, Kotelny Island, AS-028) and UA0QT/U0K (7 October 1989 - 22 August 1990, Wrangel Island, AS-027), you can send your request (direct only) to UX7VA: Vladimir N. Vybrik, P.O. Box 5, Svetlowodsk 27507, Ukraine. [TNX UX2VZ]

QSL UN7VX ---> Flavio, IK2XYU is no longer the QSL manager for UN7VX. He still has the logs from January 1999 through June 2000 and can still confirm contacts made during this time frame. [TNX IK2XYU]

QSL V31FH ---> This call, previously held by N7NUR, has been reissued and is now held by F6BFH. QSLs for V31FH operation in November should be sent to F6BFH; requests sent to N7NUR are being returned and bureau cards via N7NUR will not be answered. [TNX NN7A]

QSL VK0LD/AX0LD/VK0MM ---> E-QSLs for Alan Cheshire's (VK0MM, http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html) activity as VK0LD (November-December 1999) from Macquarie Island are available at http://www.eQSL.cc/ and, quoting Alan's statement, "QSL cards via postal mail are simply not available". Bernie McClenny, W3UR, editor of "The Daily DX", asked Alan if those who worked VK0LD will ever be able to get a traditional QSL card: "I think the statement is pretty conclusive", Alan replied. "I have issued QSLs for VK0LD as promised. It is not my problem if the ARRL or any other DX body declines to accept them." While those who worked Alan as AX0LD (from 13 UTC on 25 January 2000 to 13 UTC on the 26th) can get their card through the CW Sao Paulo Group c/o PY2YP (Cesar Augusto C. Rodrigues, Al Min Rocha Azevedo, 495 AP 121, Sao Paulo 01410-001, Brazil), the route/method for VK0MM cards is still to be announced.

QSL VP6BR ---> As of 5 December Jukka, OH2BR had processed 90% of the 10,000 direct requests received so far. He works on a first-in-first-out basis and is currently working on the requests received in July. You can check the QSLling situation on the News page on Jukka's web site (http://www.qsl.net/oh2br) The address for direct requests is P.O. Box 37, FI-01361 Vantaa, Finland. [TNX 9A2TW]

QSL Z35M ---> Vlado, Z35M (ex Z32KV) reports he has no QSL manager. Direct cards should be sent to Vladimir Kovaceski, P.O. Box 10, 6330 Struga, Macedonia.

QSL ZF2SA ---> Cards for late Steve's (K3SA) operation as ZF2SA should be sent to Burt, W3GG (QSLs already sent to Joe, W3HNK will be forwarded to W3GG). [TNX The Daily DX]

QSL VIA IZ8CCW ---> Ant reports he is now the QSL manager for CO8TW, YC3DIK and JT0FAA. QSL to P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy.

US POSTAGE ---> The US postage rates for domestic and international mail will go up effective 7 January 2001. The new rates for international airmail will be as follows (1 ounce = 28.35 gr.): Postcard to Canada & Mexico 50 cents Postcard to rest of world 70 cents 1 ounce to Canada & Mexico 60 cents 1 ounce to other countries 80 cents 2 ounces to Rate Group 3 countries (*) 1.60 $ 2 ounces to Rate Group 4 countries (*) 1.70 $ 2 ounces to Rate Group 5 countries (*) 1.55 $ (*) Rate Group 3 = mainly (but not totally) Western Europe Rate Group 4 = Japan, Australia, New Zealand Rate Group 5 = the rest of the world As of 7 January 2001 IRCs will be exchanged for 80 cents worth of stamps or other postal products (no cash refunds). [TNX NB1B and The Daily DX]

+ SILENT KEY + Jon, VK4CY reports that Alan, EA7BA (ex G3NNF and GW3NNF) became Silent Key on 22 November being involved in a fatal road accident. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

QSL DBASE: Boye Christensen, OZ7C has updated his QSL DBase (which now contains 269,268 unique records) for Packet Cluster. You can download oz7c0600.exe at http://www.muurkrant.com/pi4com/QSLDatabase/index.html A search engine is available at http://www.hammall.com [TNX OZ7C, oz7c@qsl.net] QSL ROUTES: A collection of QSL routes for the recent CQ WW DX CW Contest is available at http://www.arrakis.es/~ea5eyj [TNX EA5EYJ] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

QSL received via direct: 1A0KM, 3A/OH4GN, 3A2K, 3W50K (AS-132), 3W7CW, 4U1ITU, 4W6MM, 5H1/PA3GIO (AF-063), 5H3/PA3GIO (AF-054), 5I3A (AF-087), 7Q7CE, 9K2UB, 9M6CT, 9M8QQ (OC-165), A35BQ, A51AA, A52FH, A52JS, AY0N/X (SA-087), BA4DW/5 (AS-137), BI2J (AS-151), BI4L (AS-146), BY1PK, BY4BZB, C6AKQ, W5BOS/C6A (NA-219), CO8ZZ, CP6XE, D44BS/P (AF-086), D68/G3OZF, DS0DX (AS-081), DS0DX/2, DS0DX/4, DS3BGI, K9AW/DU6 (OC-129), E29DX (AS-145), E4/G3WQU, E44/HA1AG, ED1GL (CLU-001), EM5UIA (EU-179, EU-180, EU-182), EP2MKO, FK8KAB/P (OC-058), FO0CLA (OC-066), FO0MOT (OC-063), FR5GO, H22H, HC8A, HL0C, HS0/IK4MRH (AS-053), IH9P, IJ7/I7XUW (EU-073), IR4RCR, J28EW, J5X, J75KG, JD1BCK, JW7M, JW/IK2XDE, JW/IK2JYT, K2OLG/M (NA-142), KH2JU, KH7V/KH3, KL7AK (NA-216), KL7/DL1YMK (NA-040), KL7/K6ST (NA-215), KL7/W6IXP (NA-214), NZ7Q/KH4, OD5/OK1MU, OD5RAL, OH0B, OH1LU/P (EU-173), OH6/IK3GES/P (EU-101), OH8/IK3GES/P (EU-184), OY/DL2SWW, OY3QN, OZ/IK3GES/P (EU-172), P29VMS (OC-231), P3A, P43P, P43RR, PJ8/N4ZC, PS0S, R0/UR8LV (AS-142), RZ1OA/A (EU-153),S21YJ, SM2/IK3GES/P (EU-139), SM3/IK3GES/P (EU-087), SV/OK1YM, SY2S, T77C, TA0/SP6TPM/M (EU-186),TA1AZ, TA2DS, TF8SM, TI5/K3LU, TJ1PD, TK5KT/P, TR0A/P (AF-089), TT8JLB, TU2WK, TX0DX, TZ6VV, UE6AAA (EU-185), UN7PCZ, V51AS, V6T1, VE2OV (NA-128), VE7QRZ/VY1 (NA-193), VI2BI (OC-212), VK6BM (OC-234), VK8AN/6 (OC-154), VK8AN/8 (OC-229), VK8CI (OC-229), VK8ML (OC-173), VR2BG, W4DKS/3 (NA-140), WA4ET (NA-085), XQ3ZW, YB0ECT, YC7IPZ (OC-166), YC8VIP (OC-070), YC8XNE (OC-076), YC9ID (OC-150), YC9WZJ (OC-034), YP1W (EU-183), YW5LF (SA-059), ZA1E, ZD9ZM, ZK1AXU, ZK1BQI, ZP5KO, ZV1IR (SA-079), ZW1MB (SA-079).

QSL received via WF5E QSL Service: 3W5OK (AS-132), 5Z4WI (AF-067), 6K0IS/2 (AS-105), 6K97EAG, 6M0HZ/2 (AS-090), 6Y8A, A41LZ, C6A/K2PS (NA-001), C6DX (NA-054), CF7KDU/P (NA-118), E30BA, FR5ZQ/G, FY5FU/P (SA-020), NH6D/KH3, KL1SLE (NA-040), NO7F/KL7 (NA-059), LU1ZC, N2OO (NA-111), PR2YL (SA-024), PW5V (SA-027), T70A, V63X (OC-059), VD7D (NA-118), VE7TLL/P (NA-061), VP8CKN, W7W (NA-169), XU2A, XZ0A (AS-144), ZK3RW, ZX0Z (SA-067), ZY5YZ (SA-026), ZY8R (SA-070).


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