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4 2 5 D X N E W S #503

25.12.2000 11:59:38

23 December 2000 No 503 =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: ! ! ! ! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information ! ! (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU) ! ! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages ! ! (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------/

************************************ * TO ALL OUR READERS * * WARMEST THOUGHTS AND BEST WISHES * * FOR A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY * * AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR * ************************************

3V - Antonio, IK7YZG reports he will be operating from 3V8BB on 4-6 January. QSL for this operation direct only to IK7YZG (Antonio Cicerale, Via Risorgimento 99, 71016 San Severo - FG, Italy). 3Y_bou - Chuck Brady, N4BQW has been active as 3Y0C from Bouvet (AN-002) since 16 December. He will be on the island with a group of scientists for four months; this is not a DXpedition and Chuck will operate when time allows. He will have access to a generator for approximately 12 hours a day and will will use a large banks of batteries when the generator is not available. Chuck is currently active on 10, 15 and 20 metres, but in due course he expects to operate on other bands. His amateur radio equipment includes an amplifier, vertical antennas for 160-40 metres and beams for 30-10 metres. Please note that Chuck usually works SSB; he uses a hand key for his very limited CW operations, so beware of pirates. QSL via WA4FFW, but please refrain from sending cards until an address is posted in early January. Logs will not be in hand until after Chuck's return to the US sometime in April. Check http://www.qsl.net/zr1dq for the latest information from the island. [TNX The Daily DX and others] 7Q - Harry, G0JMU will be activating his 7Q7HB call again for a month in February. His past SSTV, PSK31 and WARC band operations proved very popular: "let me know what your requirements are", Allan/G0IAS (g0ias@amsat.org) says, "and if it is possible, we should be able to help". A5 - Glenn (W0GJ/A52GJ) will be working at the hospital in Thimphu, Bhutan from 29 December until early February. Glenn, his son Mark (N0MJ/A52MJ) and other members of the Johnson family - namely Vivien (KL7YL/A52VJ), Melissa (N0MAJ/A52YL), Carrie (N0CMJ) and Paul (W0PRJ) - hope to be on the air on all bands and modes, with an emphasis on the low bands at sunrise and sunset. QSL via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX] EI - The Emerald Isle Contest and DX Group (EI9I) will operate the special millennium call EI2OOO on 25 and 31 December from the western part of Ireland. Activity is expected on CW, SSB and PSK31. QSL via the bureau. [TNX EI7IQ] FO_fp - Wolfgang/DL1AWI, Matthias/DL5XU, Peter/DL3APO and Birgit/DG0OBN will operate (on 10-160 metres CW, SSB with some RTTY and possibly SSTV) from Rangiroa (OC-066), French Polynesia between 27 January and 10 February. QSL via the DARC bureau or direct to DL3APO (Peter Kohde, Wurgwitzer Str. 36, 01187 Dresden, Germany). Logs will be available after the activity at http://www.radioklub.de/cgcg [TNX DL3APO] FO_mar - Wolfgang/DL1AWI and Matthias/DL5XU will be active as FO0/home call from Nuku Hiva, Marquesas (OC-027) between 11 and 28 February. QSL via the DARC bureau or direct to DL1AWI (Wolfgang Ziegler, Arno-Schlothauer-Str. 15, 99842 Ruhla, Germany). [TNX DL3APO] GW - WW2R, GW5NF and G4VXE will be active on RTTY as MW2I for the ARRL RTTY Roundup (6-7 January). QSL via WW2R. [TNX G4FRE] LU_ant - Pavel, EM1KY is now active as LU1Z/UT1KY from the "Refuego Naval Groussac" on Peterman Island (AN-006). [TNX DL5EBE] OA - Radio amateurs from Peru are using the 4T special prefix through 31 December to to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Radio Club Peruano. The official club station uses the special call OA70O. Look for 4T4AHW, 4T4AMN, 4T4BHY, 4T4DKC, 4T4DJW, 4T4CVT and others ito be active on all bands and modes. QSL via operator's instruction or OA4O. [TNX OA4AHW] OZ - Joe, M0AXP/OZ3CF plans to operate from 5P1ER (the European Radiocommunications Office ARC in Denmark, http://www.ero.dk/carc/) probably on 28 December from around 11 UTC till 17 UTC on +/- 28040, 21040 and 14040 kHz. This will be the last operation as 5P1ER, as of 1 January 2001 the call will cease to exist and will be assigned a new OZ0 call. QSL via M0AXP. [TNX G3PMR] P2 - Steve, VK8AM/VK4EMS is now operating from Bougainville Island (OC-135) as P29BI in his very limited spare time. He will be QRV on all bands (except 160 metres) CW and SSB till the end of January. QSL to VK4EJ (Bernie McIvor, 30 Brennan Parade, Strathpine QLD 4500, Australia). [TNX VK4EJ] S2 - Look for Junji, JA7KXD to operate as S21YT from Bangladesh between 27 December and 2 January. QSL via JA7KXD (Junji Ogawa, 2-3-51, Kimachidori, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city 980-0801, Japan. [TNX OPDX Bulletin] SM - Kungalv Radio Club, SK6NL will be active as SI900TKM from 1 January through 31 December. Further information will be available at http://www.listen.to/sk6nl QSL via SK6NL. [TNX SM6VVT] T8 - Koji, JK7TKE plans to operate as T88TU from Belau (OC-009) between 27 and 31 December. QSL via JK7TKE either direct (Koji Fukui 1840-5, Izumi-cho, Tokorozawa-city, Saitama 359-1112, Japan) or through the JARL bureau. [TNX QRZ-DX] TG - Special station TD0G will be activated (on 80, 40, 20 and 25 metres) by several operators on 26-28 January from the ancient Maya town of Yasha, some 600 kilometres north of Guatemala City. [TNX TG9AAK and EA5KB] VE - Look for VE2DX to operate (on +/- 14260, 21260, 28450 and possibly 7070 and 50125 kHz) from Jesus Island (CISA PQ-014) between 23 December and 3 January. Most operations will be between 10 UTC and 15 UTC, but the station might operate also around 20 UTC to 3 UTC. QSL via VE2STN (Richard G. Desaulniers, 461, Romeo, Ste-Dorothee, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7X 1R2). [TNX VE2STN] VU_ant - Look for Vic to operate as VU/R1AND from Indian Antarctic base "Maitri" on 24 December. QSL via DL5EBE (please note that cards for R1AND, VU/R1AND and R1AND/A will be printed when Vic returns to Europe, ie not before May 2001). [TNX DL5EBE] W - Harry, AA2WN will operate from time to time from Finns Point Rear Range Light during the Christmas Lights Event, now through 2 January. [TNX AA2WN] W - Special event call K1D will be aired (on 28400, 21310, 14270 and 7230 kHz) between 23 December and 6 January to celebrate Kid's Day (6 January) and Amateur Radio Awareness. The operators will be Peter (W1DAD) and Jeanne (K1MOM) Schipelliti, 7 Dearborn Ridge Rd, Atkinson, NH 03811, USA. [TNX W1DAD]. W - The Marconi Radio Club, W1AA (http:// personal.tmlp.com/k1vv/w1aa) will operate from Cape Cod (Massachusetts) as W1AA/CC to celebrate the 98th Anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's first transatlantic radio transmission between Cape Cod and England ("CC" was Marconi's first call sign for his transatlantic Cape Cod Station). Operations will take place with two stations (CW and SSB on 20-10 metres) from 12 through 22 UTC on 18 January. QSL via the W1 Bureau (for DX stations) or direct to the W1AA CBA (for US stations). [TNX K1VV] ZC4 - The OPDX Bulletin reports that the ZC4 club station should be up and running as ZC4ESB (Eastern Sovereign Base) on all bands and modes for the next three years at least, most contests included. The operators are Steve/ZC4BS, Des/ZC4DW and Graham/ZC4GK.

ACTIVITY POSTPONED ---> Dan, N6PEQ has postponed his Fiji and South Cook Islands operation, originally planned to take place from 16 December to 6 January [425DXN 502]. He now hopes to make the trip in the spring or summer of 2001. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

160 METRES ---> The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge will be run from 15 UTC on 30 December to 15 UTC on the 31st. For further information please visit http://jzap.com/k7rat/stew.html [TNX The Daily DX]

QSL 4K9C ---> Ben, PA3EPG reports he is the new QSL manager for Boris and can confirm contacts made from 30 October 2000. QSL to Ben van Leeuwen, Zwolseweg 57, 8181 AC Heerde, The Netherlands.

QSL BA4DW ---> David reports that some sources available on the Internet give an incorrect address. Please note that his correct address is: David Y. J. Zhou, P.O. Box 040-088, Shanghai, 200040, China.

QSL EU-165 ---> Elio, IS0AGY reports the cards for the 18-20 August IM0/IS0BMU operation (logs available at http://www.is0agy.org) from Isola dei Cavoli will be ready at the end of the year.

QSL FO5RA ---> The QSL manager is KM5M, who welcomes either direct and bureau cards. [TNX KM5M]

QSL FS/W2JJ ---> If yu worked this station between 5 and 12 December please note that the correct address for W2JJ is P.O. Box 244, Allamuchy, NJ 07820, USA. Bureau cards are welcome. [TNX KF2HC]

QSL TS7N ---> The QSL cards for the recent TS7N operation (some 46,500 QSOs, including a M/S entry in the CQ WW CW Contest with a claimed score of 15,548,673 points) from the Kerkennah Islands (AF-073) will be ready to be sent out in January. TS7N was activated on all bands an modes by a group of 13 operators from Germany, Italy and Japan from 15 to 27 November. QSL via DL6BCF either direct (Britt Koester, Putzstr. 9, 45144 Essen, Germany) or through the bureau. The web site for the operation is at http://www.qsl.net/ts7n [TNX DJ7IK]

QSL VIA F6AUS ---> Serge reports he has started processing the requests for his J8 trip to Bequia Island (NA-025). Direct cards can be sent to either Serge Soulet, Les Hautes Rivieres, F-79800 Sainte-Eanne, France or Serge Soulet, P.O. Box 54, F-79402 Saint-Maixent-L'Ecole, France. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ADDRESSES: Rony, PS7AB reports a Brazilian Amateur Radio Address search engine is available at http://www.cwsp.org.br/callsrch.htm LOGS: The log for A52XX is now online at http://dx.qsl.net/logs [TNX N6RT] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

QSL received via direct: 3A/OH2BH, 3A/OH4GN, 3A2K, 3B8CF, 3W2LWS, 4S7NE, 5V7VJ, 7Q7DC, 8R1AK/P (SA-068), A35BQ, A45ZN/P (AS-112), A52FH, A71EZ, AX9YL (OC-005), BI2J (AS-151), C91DC, CM6LE, CO7GC, D44CF, DU100RG, DU9RG, ED1BD (EU-142), ES0I (EU-034), EY8CQ, FO0CLA (OC-066), FO0JAN, FP/W8IQ, FR5FD, HK3JJH (SA-082), HQ0R, J5X, JD1BCK (OC-073), JN4MCL (AS-041), JX3EX, KH6/DH5PK, KH6ND/KH5 (OC-085), KL7/K6ST (NA-215), KL7/W6IXP (NA-214), P29AM, PZ5JR, R0/UR8LV (AS-054), R0/UR8LV (AS-152), RA0LOM/0, RW9FM, S07WW, T88QG, TA3DD, TF8GX, TX0DX, UE6AAA (EU-185), VK4FW/p, VK9XY, VP6BR, VU2PAI, W1DIG/P (NA-217), WH4/K6SHJ, XT2AW, XT2OW, YC8VIP/7 (OC-088), YC9WZJ (OC-034), ZK1AGL (OC-159), ZK1BQI (OC-013), ZK1YRE (OC-159), ZL4IR, ZL4IR/7.

QSL received via WF5E QSL Service: 3W5OK (AS-132), 5Z4WI (AF-067), 6K0IS/2 (AS-105), 6K97EAG, 6M0HZ/2 (AS-090), 6Y8A, A41LZ, C6A/K2PS (NA-001), C6DX (NA-054), CF7KDU/P (NA-118), E30BA, FR5ZQ/G, FY5FU/P (SA-020), NH6D/KH3, KL1SLE (NA-040), NO7F/KL7 (NA-059), LU1ZC, N2OO (NA-111), PR2YL (SA-024), PW5V (SA-027), T70A, V63X (OC-059), VD7D (NA-118), VE7TLL/P (NA-061), VP8CKN, W7W (NA-169), XU2A, XZ0A (AS-144), ZK3RW, ZX0Z (SA-067), ZY5YZ (SA-026), ZY8R (SA-070). *****************************************************************************

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