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425 DX News #491

02.10.2000 16:56:49

30 September 2000 No 491 =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: ! ! ! ! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information ! ! (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU) ! ! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages ! ! (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------/

3A2 - Willi, DJ7RJ will be active as 3A/DJ7RJ from Monaco between 1 and 20 October. QSL via DJ7RJ. [TNX The Daily DX] 3B8 - After operating from Togo and Burkina Faso [425DXN 485] DL7DF and DL7BO will move to Mauritius Island (AF-049) and be active between 3 and 17 November. QSL via DL7DF, either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DX News Letter] 3W - Hiroo, JA2EZD is expected to visit Cambodia and be active as XU7ABF on 2-5 October. Then he will move to Vietnam and operate for 1-2 weeks as 3W2B concentrating on 6 metres. A side trip to a new IOTA off the central coast of Vietnam is being planned. QSL via XW2A (Hiroo Yonezuka, P.O. Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos). [TNX The Daily DX] 4S - Phil, G3SWH will be in Sri Lanka (AS-003) from 9 to 22 November. He and his wife will be travelling extensively during their stay and Phil hopes to be QRV as 4S7WHG (40-10 metres CW only) for a few hours at least on most days, circumstances permitting. They will spend the last few days relaxing on the beach at Unawatuna in the south of the island, when Phil hopes to be a little more active. QSL via G3SWH, either direct or via the RSGB bureau. [TNX G3SWH] 9G - Bart, PA3GGM and other three amateur radio operators will be active from Ghana on 6-24 October. They plan to sign 9G1AA as well as their personal calls (not known for the time being) on CW (20, 40, 80 and maybe 160 metres) and SSB (6 metres). [TNX PA3GGM] A3 - After their trip to Vanuatu [425DXN 490] Lothar, DJ7ZG and Babs, DL7AFS will operate (with two stations on 10-80 metre SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and some CW) as A35YL and A35ZG from Tonga between 21 October and 11 November. QSL via DL7AFS (Baerbel Linge, Eichwaldstr. 86, D-34123 Kassel, Germany). Their web site is at http://www.qsl.net/dl7afs/ [TNX DJ7ZG] A4 - Look for Tony, A45ZN/p (G4KLF) and Younnis, A41MA/p to operate from Suwadi Island (AS-112) from 29 September to 1 October. Tony will be active from Muscat, Oman for the next six months. [TNX The Daily DX] A5 - JA1PCY, JF1PJK, JH1NBN, JK1AFI and JR7TEQ will be active from Bhutan between 27 October and 3 November, including an entry in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. They expect to be issued individual calls, and plans are to operate on all bands with three transceivers (SSB, CW and RTTY), while JK1AFI will concentrate on 6 metres. QSL for all via JH1NBN (Yoosuke Uchiyama, 924-4 Yokokawacho, Hachioji, 193-0823, Japan). [TNX JA1ELY] BY - David, BA4DW will be active as BA4DW/5 with 100 watts and dipoles from Tao Hua, Zhou Shan Islands (AS-137) on 2-7 October. QSL via BA4DW (David Y. J. Zhou, P.O. Box 040-088, Shanghai 200040, China). [TNX BA4DW] CN - The Bavarian Contest Club will be operating again as CN8WW (Multi-Multi) from Morocco for the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (28-29 October). Before and after the contest they will be active as 5C8M on CW, SSB, RTTY, 6 metres and on the WARC bands. QSL for both via DL6FBL either direct (Bernd Och, Christian-Wirth-Str. 18, D-36043 Fulda, Germany) or through the DARC bureau. A special QSL card will be sent to those who work CN8WW on 5 or 6 bands. The web site for the operation is at http://www.dl6fbl.de/cn8ww/ [TNX DL4MC] EA - Pepe, EA5KB plans to operate from Reina Island (DIEI V-017, not IOTA) during the weekend. QSL via bureau. [TNX EA5KB] FO - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that Eric, F5SIH will be active as FO/F5SIH from Frech Polynesia as follows: 9-11 October Tahiti (OC-046) 12-15 October Moorea (OC-046) 18-20 October Raiatea (OC-067) 20-24 October Bora Bora (OC-067) 24-27 October Rangiroa (OC-066) FO - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that Joel, F5JJW will be active as either FO0SUC or FO/F5JJW from French Polynesia as follows: 10-18 October Mangareva (OC-063) 18-22 October Moorea (OC-046) 22-26 October Tikehau (OC-066) FO - Francisco, CT1EAT will be active as FO0FRA from Mai Mona Motu (Bora Bora, OC-067) between 24 October and 2 November. He plans to operate during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via CT1EAT either direct (Francisco Costa, P.O. Box 172, 7801-902 Beja, Portugal) or through the bureau. [TNX CT1EAT] GJ - Barry, N0KV/M0CQS and possibly other operators will be active as MJ/N0KV from LaMoye, Jersey (EU-013) starting on 22 October. He/they will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (28-29 October) as SO or M/S. Operation outside the contest will be both CW and SSB. QSL via N0KV (Barry Mitchell, 12200 Boothill Dr., Parker, CO 80138, USA). [TNX N0KV] GM - Don, W9DC will be going to the Outer Hebrides (EU-010) on 5-7 October and will put out a few islands (Scalpay, OH-25 and some others) while there specifically looking for North America. Sometime between 8-11 October, he hope to operate from two privately owned islands, Oronsay (SC-16, EU-008) and Carna (SC-17), in the Sugart Loch. [TNX W9DC] HC - Otto, UA4WAE reports he has been QRT since 30 August, when he moved to Ecuador. He will be there (HC2/UA4WAE) for at least two years. Cards should be requested either direct (Alex Otto Ogorodov, Correo Central, Salinas-Guayas, Ecuador) or by e-mail (UA4WAE@qsl.net). I - Stefano, IV3CJT (HF) and Claudio, IW3RI (on 6, 2 and possibly 70 centimetres) will be IG9/ from Lampedusa (AF-019) on 2-12 October. [TNX IW3RI] I - Tony/IK2SNG, Gus/IK4RQJ, Andy/IK4VET and Robi/IK4XCL will be /4 on 10-40 metres SSB and CW from Scanno di Piallazza (EU-155, IIA FE-001) on 4-8 October. Is weather is fine, on 7-8 October IK4VET and IK4XCL will operate from other nearby IIA islands. QSL via home calls, either direct or through the bureau. [TNX IK4RQJ] JA - Look for Haya, JF6WTY/6 to be active (on 10-40 metres CW and SSB) from Tanega-shima (AS-032) on 7-9 October. QSL via JF6WTY. [TNX JI6KVR] JA - Look for JA1PBC/1, JQ1USM/1, 7L4PVR/1 and JL1PLF/1 to operate (on 10-80 metres SSB and CW) from the Hachijo Islands (AS-043) on 3-6 November. QSL via JL1PLF. [TNX JI6KVR] J8 - NO2R, W2EN, and WA2VUY will operate (on all bands SSB and CW) as J8/home call from the Grenadines (NA-025) on 23-31 October. They will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest, possibly with a special callsign. QSL for all contacts via W2EN. [TNX WA2VUY] KH0 - Yama, JA1SGU and Kazu, JJ1KZI will be active as KH0T and KH0V from Saipan (OC-086) on 5-8 October. They will operate on 80-10 metres (WARC bands included) mainly on CW. QSL direct to home calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin] KH5K - Preparations continue at an accelerating pace for the Kingman Reef DXpedition in October. The web site for the operation is at http://www.qsl.net/krpdxgc The pilots for the operation are: Bill Avery, K6GNX (k6gnx@telemetry.com; North & South America) Klaus Wagner, DL1XX (dl1xx@gmx.de; Europe/Africa/Middle East) Takeshi Yoshida, JA3AAW (ja3aaw@sannet.ne.jp; Japan/Asia/Australia/New Zealand) Dave Batcho (N5JHV, dbatcho@lascruces.com; Six Metre). The call will be announced when operation begins; QSL via K4TSJ (Dudley's DXers of NE Georgia, 2011 New High Shoals Rd., Watkinsville, GA 30677, USA). Contributions are still welcome and should be sent to N4XP (Tom Harrell, 2011 New High Shoals Rd., Watkinsville, GA 30677., USA). Team member Massimo Mucci, I8NHJ will present the DXpedition during the Italian HF-DX Convention in Bologna during the weekend. KP2 - Look for Larry, K6RO and Herb, KG6OK to be active (on CW, RTTY, SSB and possibly PSK-31, concentrating on the WARC bands before and after the contest) as KP2/K6RO (QSL via home call) and KP2/KG6OK (QSL via home call) from St.Croix (NA-106) on 25-31 October. Larry will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest as WP2Z (QSL via KU9C) as SOAB/HP. [TNX K6RO] OH0 - Look for Mikko OH0/OH3FM (QSL via OH3FM), Jussi OH0/OH3YM (QSL via OH3YM), Pertti OH0LQK (QSL via OH3LQK), Alpo OH0MFP (QSL via OH3MFP) and Markus OH0KCB (QSL via OH3RM) to be active (on 10-80 metres, mainly CW and RTTY) from the Aland Islands (EU-002) between 30 September and 7 October. [TNX OH3RM] P4 - John W2GD will be active (on 160-10 metres, with some WARC activity) as P40W from Aruba (SA-036) between 25 and 30 October. He will participate in the CQ WW SSB DX Contest as SOAB, probably QRP. QSL via N2MM. [TNX W2GD] PY - Look for ZV3A and PY3BB to operate from "Fortress Jesus, Maria, Jose" (DFH RS-02) on 6-7 October. QSL via PY3ACC. [TNX PP5SZ] SV9 - Roby, IZ3CYN will operate (on 10, 15 and 20 metres SSB) as SV9/IZ3CYN from Crete (EU-015) on 10-15 October. QSL via home call. [TNX IZ3CYN] T8 - Look for T88NK (QSL via JA2AAU), T88IC (QSL via JA2AIC), T88FO (QSL via JR2FOR),T88MI (QSL via JJ2KYT) to be active from Palau on 4-7 October. They plan to operate on 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 metres SSB, CW and SSTV plus 10 metres FM. [TNX JH2AVO] V2 - Team Antigua (DL6LAU, N2ED, N2TK, N3BNA, N3OC, N5CK, N5NJ, W2UDT, W2YR, WT3Q, WX0B, ZP5AZL) will once again activate V26B (Multi-Multi) from Antigua (NA-100) during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (28-29 October). The operators will make their presence felt on all bands starting on or about 25 October until about 1 November. Before and after the contest they plan to concentrate on RTTY, PSK31, 160 metres and the WARC bands, possibly with some 6 metre and and satellite operations. Team Antigua will include: V26A QSL via WB3DNA V26EW QSL via N2ED V26SZ QSL via N5CK V26AK " N2TK V26J " W3LT V26TZ " W3HNK V26AU " DL6LAU V26O " N5NJ V26U " W2UDT V26B " WT3Q V26OC " N3OC V26YR " W2YR The Special Collectors Edition (Worked 5 Band & 6 Band) Certificate Program from V26B is continuing this year, as well as the special Top Gun Plaque (Available to the first operator to work V26B on all 6 Bands during the Contest). For full information visit http://www.frc-contest.org and click on the DXpeditions page and then the Team Antigua, V26B link. [TNX KA2AEV] W - Look for John, KL7JR/1 to operate from Mount Desert Island (NA-055, USI ME-021S) on 8 October (possibly on the 7th as well) starting around 14 UTC on 28.460 and 14.260 MHz. QSL via KL7JR (direct only). [TNX KL7JR] XU - The new dates for EA5RM & EA7DBO's XU7BAD operation from Cambodia [425DXN 485] are 5-13 October. The web site for the activity is at www.qsl.net/xu7abd [TNX EA5RM] ZK1_nc - Yasu, JI1NJC and Yu, JR2KDN will operate from Penrhyn Atoll (OC-082), North Cook Islands between 28 October and 4 November. They have applied for ZK1NJC and ZK1NDK, but licences will be collected upon arrival. Plans are to operate SSB, CW and RTTY on all bands, with special attention to 6 metres (50.100 MHz, QSX 50.140 and up). QSL via JR2KDN either direct (Yuichi Yoshida, 4th Floor Kato Building, 529 Rokugaike-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Japan 462-1112) or through the bureau. Requests for bureau cards are welcome at jr2kdn@pluto.dti.ne.jp [TNX JF2MBF] ZK2 - Bill, W7TVF will be active (160-6 metres, with a linear and good antennas) as ZK2VF from Niue (OC-040) between 19 November and 10 December. Priority will be given to Europe, Africa, and South America on 160 and 80 metres during their grayline. Six metres will be monitored all the time that Bill is active, so if six opens he will be QRT on HF until the band closes. QSL direct only to W7TVF (Bill Dawson, P.O. Box 4049, Pahrump, Nevada 89061, USA). The web site is at http://coyote.accessnv.com/ad7k/w7tvf [TNX NW7O] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

IOTA ACTIVITY MONTH (OCTOBER) --- Contacts made with the following IOTA island groups in October will score three points towards the RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme (IOTA 2000): AN-004 NA-066 NA-131 NA-165 NA-185 NA-006 NA-078 NA-135 NA-166 NA-186 NA-009 NA-092 NA-143 NA-167 NA-188 NA-011 NA-115 NA-144 NA-171 NA-189 NA-017 NA-119 NA-162 NA-175 SA-001 NA-030 NA-120 NA-163 NA-179 SA-004 NA-043 NA-124 NA-164 NA-183 SA-083 The CDXC web pages (http://www.cdxc.org.uk) contain the full IOTA 2000 rules, island listings, the SM6DEC record system and an FAQ page which is updated regularly. These web pages also contain conversion tables between the new IOTAs arising as a result of the publication of the IOTA Directory 2000 and the old IOTAs that qualify for the IOTA 2000 Programme.

3V8BT --- Giovanni, I5JHW reports this operation was approved for DXCC on 25 September.

QSL 9M0F --- QSL manager Nao Mashita, JA1HGY says that he welcomes e-mail requests for bureau cards at ja1hgy@jarl.com

QSL BI2J --- Mac, W3HC (Carl F. Mcdaniel, 2116 Reed Street, Williamsport, PA 17701-3904, USA) reminds island chasers that direct cards for BI2J (AS-151) should be sent to W3HC only, not to China.

QSL EZ8CW --- Cards for either Vit, EZ8CW and EZ3A (club station) should be sent direct only to Vitaly Dotsenko, P.O. Box 73, Ashgabat, 744020, Turkmenistan. [TNX RU4SS]

QSL LU8XW --- Jose Manuel Porter Felip, EA5BD reports he is the new QSL manager for LU8XW (effective 1 July 2000).

+ SILENT KEY + It is with great sorrow that we learned of the death of John Kay, G3AAE on 25 September 2000 at the age of 77. John was a skilled DX'er, a long-standing FOC member, and a meticulous operator. He held the top UK positions on both the DXCC and the IOTA Honour Rolls, a real achievement when one considers that he never used a linear amplifier. An RSGB Council Member, he served in a leading capacity on several of the Society's Committees. Over recent years he was a strong and loyal supporter of IOTA and was involved for over five years with the programme's administration. [TNX G3KMA & G3GIQ] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

DX TELNET: Fabrizio, IK4VYX, has just released Version 4.8 of the very popular DX TELNET programme. It is available for download from the following sites: http://www.golist.net http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/telnet.htm http://www.powernetonline.com/~dbald/dxtelnet.html http://www.qsl.net/ad5xa/dxt.html ZD9ZM: Bob's final log (20,538 QSOs: 17156 CW, 2134 SSB, 1248 RTTY) has now been uploaded to the log search page available at http://www.dxtechnology.com/zd9zm -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

QSL received via direct: 1A0KM, 3B8/I5JHW (AF-049), 3V8BB, 3V8BT (AF-073), 3W2LWS, 4K5CW, 4L4MM, 4S7BRG, 4W/N5KO, 4W/W3UR, 4W6EB, 4X/W5WP, 5H8TL, 5N0ZKD, 5N2BHF, 5V7MN, 5X1T, 7O1YGF, 9G5ZW, 9J2BO, 9X/ON4WW, 9X1A, 9X4WW, A35MQ (OC-064), A52JS, AH8A, AP2JZB, BA4DW, BZ4DHI, CE0Y/LX1NO, CE0Z/KM9D (SA-005), CU3DJ (EU-175), CU8/DL8AAV/p (EU-089),D3T, E21EIC, EA8BH, EL2WW, EM5UIA, ET3AA, ET3DP, EX8W, EY8CQ, EY8MM, EZ8CQ, FK/OH2BH, FK8VHY/p (OC-176), FO0AAA, FO0EEN, FO0MOT (OC-063), FR5FD, FW/G3SXW, FW8ZZ, FY5GS, H76C (NA-212), HC1OT, HD8Z, HR1LW, HR3/HR1RMG (NA-160), HS0/VK3DXI, HV4NAC, J28NH/p, J75KG, J79WW, JT1CO, KG4KO, KH2/K4ANA, KH6LEM, KL7AK (NA-216), LA/SM3TLG (EU-062), LY10DR, NO7F/KL7 (NA-059), NP2BT (NA-106),OH0B, OH8/IK3GES/P (EU-184), OX2K, OX3UB, OY4TN, P40MH, P49V, R1AND, R1ANF, R1ANP, R1ANZ, RF1P (EU-102), S07WW, S21VJ, SM3TLG/2 (EU-135), SU9ZZ, SV8/IT9YRE/p (EU-174), SW1OF, T88AY, T88BX, TA2DS/0, TA3DD, TJ1HP, TK/S53R/P, TM5CRO (EU-070), TT8JLB, TU2/DF8AN, TX0DX, TX8JNN (OC-032), V2/G4DIY, V31HU, VE9MY/p (NA-014), VK4DEK (OC-137 & OC-160), VK7TS/p (OC-233), VK9CN (OC-003), VK9CP (OC-003),VK9WI, VP5V, VP6BR, VQ9QM, W8MV/KH4, XF4LWY, XR0ZY, XV9SW, XX9TEP, XZ0A (AS-144), YI9OM, Z24S, ZF2SC,ZS26BI (AF-079), ZS31ER (AF-085), ZY500Y. *****************************************************************************

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