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16.09.2001 23:03:19

Интересная инфо о работе всей страны одним позывным 9K2USA до конца сентября - от K4CY:

Effective Sept 15th 2001, the Kuwait Amateur Radio Society (KARS), in conjunction with the Kuwait Ministry of Communications, has authorized the use of the callsign 9K2USA. All Radio Amateurs of Kuwait will be using this single callsign. NINE KILO TWO UNITED STATES of AMERICA will be heard on all bands, all modes being used by all Kuwait Amateurs simultaneously.

As a small token of the sympathy and support for the people of the United States from the citizens of Kuwait, and as an expression of deep condolence, the callsign will be used until the end of September.

For the past few days many people have asked me to comment on the feeling and mood in Kuwait. People ask after my safety, and express concern for me being here in the Middle East. It is hard for me to describe the genuine outpouring of concern, sympathy and support that is shown to me; not only by Kuwaitis, but people of all Asian nationalities. People stop me in the street and ask "Are you an American? I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am ..". At the gas station yesterday, I had to argue with the cashier to take my money (after he heard my accent) -- Now that would be nice if it happened at home. Kuwaiti friends and colleagues in the Kuwait Army call me twice a day (and visit me once a day) to check that my wife and I are safe, and that we have all the comforts we need. In a rather unnerving event two days ago, a car pulled me over on the freeway. The driver (a Kuwaiti who spoke impeccable English) came over to my car and asked "Are you American? I just wanted to express my horror .."

Am I safe? You bet. The Kuwaitis will make sure of it. Having a couple of aircraft carriers, and squadrons of fighter jets, and many thousands of US troops close by helps too!

The Kuwait Amateur Radio Society (KARS) will be doing the QSL chores. They will put together a common database, and all QSLs will be via 9K2RA. The e-mail address for KARS is 9K2RA@KARS.ORG. May I suggest that an e-mail to them expressing your personal feeling (good or bad) may be appropriate.

9K2USA is not 'my' callsign. This callsign is for all people of the United States of America, and those of all nationalities who have been affected (directly or indirectly) by the tragic events of this past Tuesday. I will not be posting my 9K2USA QSOs on-line as I do with my other 'personal' callsigns.

The actual QSL card to be used for 9K2USA will be chosen by the Kuwait Amateur Radio Society. However, I will post my personal 9K2USA card on my website within the next 24 hours. This is a blank QSL card, and can be copied from www.k4cy.com (just click on the 9K2USA link). While the artwork and/or text is not original, I believe it appropriately reflects the situation.

My personal condolences and best wishes to all, Salaam Aleikum, Bob, K4CY/9K2ZZ

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