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425 DX News #495

30.10.2000 11:50:56

28 October 2000 No 495 =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: ! ! ! ! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information ! ! (e-mail - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU) ! ! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages ! ! (e-mail ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------/

9K - Special event station 9K2LOW will be activated by KARS on 4-6 November to celebrate the extinguishing of the last oil well sent on fire during the Gulf War. QSL via 9K2RA. [TNX 9K2HN] A5 - Yani, 9M6US and Charly, K4VUD will be active from Bhutan on 1-9 December. They have been granted permission to run 1KW on all bands and will have a tribander (and maybe two more and a WARC bander depending on repairs) and wire antennas. Charly will operate as A52UD on SSB and CW, emphasizing the low bands, while Jani plans RTTY, too. QSL requests for A52UD go to K4VUD (direct preferred), Jani will announce his separate QSL address and policy. [TNX K4VUD] C6 - John, K3TEJ will be active on all bands (160-10 metres) as K3TEJ/C6A from Treasure Cay (NA-080), Bahamas on 21-28 November. He will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as C6AKW. QSL to K3TEJ. [TNX K3TEJ] CE0_sf - A multi-national team of nine operators will be active as CE0XT from San Ambrosio (SA-013) the second full week of February 2001. They plan to operate on all bands 160-10 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK with three or four stations. QSL via CE6TBN (Marco A. Quijada, P.O.Box 1234, Temuco, Chile). The web site for the DXpedition is at [TNX CE6TBN] D4 - SM0JHF and SM0JQX will join EA8BYG and EA8EE during the 1-7 November operation from D44AC (Sao Vicente, AF-086). They plan to operate on all HF bands (plus 6 metres from HK76MK) on CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, HELL, MFSK16/32, MT63, SSTV and PACTOR. QSL via EA8URL. Daily logs will be available on [TNX EA8EE] DU - John, G3IZM be active (on 20 and 15 metres SSB and CW) as DU7/G3IZM from Guimeras Island in the Visayan Group (OC-129) between 19 December and 5 January. QSL to home call. [TNX G3SWH] FO - Bill, W1HIJ(/6) will be active (mostly CW on 20, 15 and 10 metres and hopefully on 40 and 80 as well, with some SSB and PSK31/MFSK) as FO0SCH from Bora Bora (OC-067), French Polynesia between 31 October and 8 November. QSL via W6UFT either direct or through the bureau. [TNX W1HIJ] FS - Mike/WA2VUN, Jay/WB2BHC, Gene/K2KJI, Maryann/K2RVH, Bob/W5GJ, Ann/W2AZK and Brian/KF2HC will operate from St. Martin (NA-105) on 5-12 December, including an entry in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest (multi-op. mixed mode) using the call sign FS/W2JJ. Plans are to have two stations covering SSB and CW on all HF bands as well as a station for 2 and 6 metre activity. A 6m beacon and satellite activity may also be part of the operation if conditions at their QTH allow. Individual callsigns may be used at times but the majority of the operating will be with the call sign FS/W2JJ. QSL via the call sign worked. [TNX KF2HC] HB0 - Laci/HA6NL. Zsolt/HA6PS, Csaba/HA6PX and Tibor/HA6ZV will operate as HB0/home call/p from Liechtenstein on 1-7 November. QSL via home calls. During the HA-QRP Contest they will be signing HB0/HA5RT/p (QSL via HA6NL) on +/- 3511 kHz. [TNX HA0HW] HS - HS0AC (Multi-Multi) is restricted to the following frequencies on 80 metres in the contest: 3524-3526 and 3534-3536 KHz. "With apologies to CW users on this occasion", Ray, HS0/G3NOM says, "but we would like to work mutlipliers on 80m. This may be the only 80m operation in Zone 26. We will be able to work split. We won't be operating 160m in the contest". [TNX HS0/G3NOM] JA - Masa, JA6GXK will be active from Me-shima, Danjo Islands (AS-056) on 14-24 November, 15-25 December, 5-16 January, 6-16 February and 20-30 March. He will operate in his spare time; lookf or him on or around 14260 and 21260 kHz. QSL via bureau to JA6GXK. [TNX JA3MZB] JW - Tor, LA9XGA will operate as JW9XGA from Logyearbyen, Spitsbergen (EU-026) on 2-8 November. Look for him on CW (1823, 3515, 7015, 10108, 14015, 18072, 21015, 24920 and 28015 kHz), SSB (1843, 3770, 7060, 14270, 18143, 21243, 24943 and 28300 kHz), RTTY (1842, 3585, 7037, 10145, 14075, 18105, 21085, 24925 and 28130 kHz) and PSK31 (1839.150, 3581.150, 7036.150, 14071.150, 21081.150, 28120.150, 10141.150, 18101.150 and 24925.150 kHz). QSL via LA9XGA either direct (Tor-Atle Sandal, Hamnaflot 6, N-4200 Sauda, Norway) or through the bureau, [TNX LA9XGA] JW - Terje, LA3OHA/JW3OHA and others are in an advanced stage of planning an operation from Prins Karls Forland (EU-063) between 31 May and 10 June 2001. If interested in joining the team, please visit [TNX LA3OHA] KH5K - Gale force winds and heavy rain prevented the team from getting the antennas up for some 24 hours and K5K (Kilo Five Kilo) eventually came on the air from Kingman Reef at approximately 03.30 UTC on 22 October. Now they have five/six stations operating round the clock and the has made made 44,000 QSOs (20% with Europe). They plan to concentrate on CW during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. The web site for the DXpedition is at (the logs will be posted after the operation ends). The pilots are: Bill, K6GNX (, for North and South America), Klaus, DL1XX (, for Europe, Africa and Middle East), Takeshi, JA3AAW (, for Japan, Asia, Australia and New Zealand), Dave, N5JHV (, for 6 metres). The team is expected to sail from Kingman at 17 local time on 31 October (3 UTC on 1 November), but it will take a day to tear down the stations and so they may QRT on Monday. QSL via K4TSJ. [TNX N1DG and K6GNX] KP2 - Bill, NU0Q will operate WP2Z from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (NA-106) during the ARRL CW Sweepstakes on 4-6 November. Before and after the contest he will sign KP2/NU0Q. QSL WP2Z via KU9C, QSL KP2/NU0Q via NU0Q. [TNX NU0Q] ON - Special event station OO4CLM (Canadian Liberation March) will be active on 10-80 and 2 metres CQ and SSB on 1-12 November. QSL via ON6HC either direct (P.O. Box 110, 8300 Knokke Heist, Belgium) or through the bureau. Further information on this activity from Luc, ON4CJJ ( PY - Look for PY3AFE, PY3AJZ, PY1CAD, PY3LP, PP5SZ and PY3LCB to operate as PV3DC from Fort Duque de Caxias (DFH RS-01) on 2-5 November. QSL via PY3AFE. [TNX PP5SZ] S2 - Carl, SM6CPY plans to be active (pn 10-20 metres) as S21YD from Bangladesh during the first week of November. QSL via SM6CPY (Carl Jonsson, Mosstomten, S-520 30 Ljung, Sweden). [TNX The Daily DX] SM - SM0MDG, SM0MLZ, SM0VFE and SM0UXX will be active as 7S5Z from Aspoja Island (EU-177) on 27-29 October. They plan to work on as many bands as possible, including WARC and 160 metres. QSL via SM0UXX. Their web site is at [TNX SM0UXX] T2 - Tusti, W4WET is active as T2DX from Tuvalu until 30 October. He plans to participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via W4WET. [TNX The Daily DX] T8 - Koji, JK7TKE will be active (on 80-10 and 6 metres) as T88TU from Koror Island (OC-009) on 27-31 October. He will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via JK7TKE either direct (Koji Fukui, 1840-5 Izumi-cho, Tokorozawa 359-1112, Japan) or through the JARL bureau. [TNX JK7TKE] UA - Special event station UE4SMA is active until 30 November to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Mariy-El Republic. QSL direct to "80 Years of Mariy-El", P.O. Box 145, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Mariy-El, Russia. A "Mariy-El 80" certificate is available for contacting UA4S stations in the year 2000, for further information e-mail Tom, UA4SKW ( [TNX UA4SKW] V4 - Larry, KJ4UY reports he will operate as V47UY from St. Kitts (NA-104) on 10-14 December. Karl, V44NK will loan him a tribander and Larry will be taking an R7 vertical. QSL via KJ4UY. VK - During the year 2000 the signal corps of the Australian Army (Royal Australian Signals) celebrates the 75th anniversary of its formation. To mark the occasion former and current members of the corps will operate VI5RAS throughout November from various locations within Australia. QSL via VK5FV either direct or through the bureau. VK9_lh - Ed, AA4EH will be active (10-30 metres) as VK9KEH from Lord Howe Island (OC-004) between 31 October and 6 November. QSL via AA4EH. [TNX The Daily DX] VP2M - W6JKV, K6MYC and K5AND will be active from Montserrat (NA-103) on 3-19 November. [TNX The Daily DX] VP9 - Mark, AA1AC will be active as AA1AC/VP9 from Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (NA-005) on 8-12 December. Operation will include 10-80 metres CW and SSB, with emphasis on the ARRL 10-meter contest. QSL via AA1AC. [TNX AA1AC] VQ9 - Patrick, W3PO (ex F6DWY) will be active (on all bands mainly CW) as VQ9PO from Diego Garcia (AF-006) starting on 30 October through February 2001. QSL via W3PO. [TNX The Daily DX] YB - YB3ZMI will be active again from Madura Island (OC-237) on 27-29 October. They will operate during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest until 12 UTC on Sunday. QSL via IZ8CCW (P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy). [TNX IZ8CCW] YJ - The Prairie DX Group operation from Efate (OC-035), Vanuatu [425DXN 487] is now scheduled to take place on 19-29 November. They expect to be assigned the call YJ0PD for our general operating and YJ0V for the CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL for both via N9PD either direct or through the bureau. Real-time on line logs (including during the contest), live web cam updated every few minutes, photo gallery, daily update message billboard with operating information for the day, recorded sound files and possibly live streaming audio from the DXpedition will be available on their web site ( [TNX N9PD] ZL - Barry, ZL1DD is active on 80-10 metres from his home on Waiheke Island (OC-201) and is willing to make skeds for island chasers (e-mail QSL to Barry Kirkwood, Signal Hill Homestay, 66 Cory Road, Palm Beach, Waiheke Island 1240, New Zealand. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST --- Other amateurs who have announced their participation in this year's event include: - Luis, YV5ENI as 4M5I. [TNX YV5ENI] - Jusus, LU5FC as LP1F. QSL via home call (Jesus Rubio, San Juan 2694, Rosario 2000, Santa Fe, Argentina). [TNX LU5FC]

COMOROS 2001 --- The web page for the February 2001 D68C operation from the Comoros [425DXN 488] is now up and running at Further sponsorship is sought, especially from DX groups and foundations, to help with the high cost of shipping some 3 tonnes of equipment to D68, along with a number of other logistical matters. Sponsorship is being co-ordinated by Wes/W3WL (, US) Taizo/JA3AER (, Japan) and Steve/G4JVG (, rest of the world), while donations can be sent to the treasurer (John, G3WGV, e-mail Three new operators have joined the team: Tim/ G4VXE, Yoichi/JP1NWZ and Rob/PE9PE (who will be especially welcome to 6 metre, VHF and satellite operators). A sea-going container filled with all the antennas, co-ax, masts, tools, radios, computers etc. will be leaving the UK for Moroni on 24 November. The expedition itself will take place over the period of roughly 8-28 February 2001. [TNX G3XTT]

CONWAY REEF 2001 --- Another operation from Conway Reef [425DXN 493] is being planned. YT1AD (team leader), YU1RL, YU1AU (or YU1NR), YT6A, Z32AU, Z32ZM and possibly YS1RR will be active between around 7 and 15 February on all bands and modes with four complete stations and several antennas. The licence has already been issued but the callsign will be announced when the operation starts. [TNX YT1AD and YS1RR] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

IOTA ACTIVITY MONTH (NOVEMBER) --- Contacts made with the following IOTA island groups in November will score three points towards the RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme (IOTA 2000): AN-004 NA-066 NA-131 NA-165 NA-185 NA-006 NA-078 NA-135 NA-166 NA-186 NA-009 NA-092 NA-143 NA-167 NA-188 NA-011 NA-115 NA-144 NA-171 NA-189 NA-017 NA-119 NA-162 NA-175 SA-001 NA-030 NA-120 NA-163 NA-179 SA-004 NA-043 NA-124 NA-164 NA-183 SA-083 The CDXC web pages ( contain the full IOTA 2000 rules, island listings, the SM6DEC record system and an FAQ page which is updated regularly. These web pages also contain conversion tables between the new IOTAs arising as a result of the publication of the IOTA Directory 2000 and the old IOTAs that qualify for the IOTA 2000 Programme.

4N8/LZ1BJ --- Boyan, LZ1BJ reports he will be working in Kosovo for the next several months and will operate as 4N8/LZ1BJ on SSB and CW. QSL via LZ1BJ either direct (Boytcho Hadshiyski, P.O. Box 90, 2500 Kyustendil, Bulgaria) or through the bureau.

QSL 3W2LC --- Mal, VK6LC back home after a work assignment of over three months in Vietnam. He reports that "special hand painted color silk and picture QSL cards" for 3W2LC are now available until December 2000. QSL direct only to VK6LC. [TNX VE6VK]

QSL B7K --- Terry, BD7NQ reports that the final QSL route for B7K (CQ WW DX SSB Contest) is via W2AY (not BD7NQ any longer).

QSL VIA IK4HPU --- IK4HPU reports that the cards for his operations from IIA SS-115 and NU-012 should be ready within the end of October.

QSL SV9/DL5DSM/p --- Helmut reporta that bureau card requests are welcome at

VU2TS --- QSL manager Luc, I1YRL reports that Ganesh, VU2TS [425DXN 488] is actually active on 30 metres. In his latest letter to him (22 September) Ganesh states he is "QRV on 30 meters with a dipole and started working pile-up. My favourite spot is 10102 kHz, condx for EU is good only around 2100Z". -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS: The logs for 3A/IZ1DFI and 3A/IK1QBT (21-22 October) are available at and; if you do not find your call, please e-mail or LOGS: Logs for FO0/F5JJW (Mangareva Island, OC-063, DIFO FO-108) are now available at The operation from Tikehau (OC-066) [425DXN 491] has been cancelled and Joel is back home. [TNX F5NOD] LOGS: The final log for XU7ABD is available at [TNX EA5RM] NEW URL: The new URL for the Grupo de CW de Sao Paulo (CWSP) is This web site hists the logs for AX0LD (Macquarie Island) and PS0S (St. Peter & St. Paul Archipelago). [TNX PY2YP] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

QSL received via direct: 1A0KM, 3A/OH2TA, 3B8/I5JHW, 3E1DX, 4K9W, 4KA5CW, 4W6MM, 5H1/PA3GIO (AF-063), 5H3/PA3GIO (AF-054), 5H3RK, 5I3A (AF-087), 5R8GQ, 5V7VJ, 5Z4FM, 7O1YGF, 8Q7XX, A92GE, AY0N/X (SA-087), BD4ED/4 (AS-136), BQ9P, D68/G3OZF, DS2AGH/4 (AS-148), DU9BCD (OC-235), DX4RIG, E29DX (AS-145), E4/G3WQU, E41/OK1DPT, E44/HA1AG, EM5UIA (EU-179, EU-180, EU-182), EX0Y, F/ON4ON/P (EU-068), FK8KAB/P (OC-058), FO0MOT, FO0MOT/P, FR5GQ, FW5ZL, GM3VLB/P (EU-059), GM3VLB/P (EU-108), H40MS (OC-065, OC-100), HK0OEP, HS2ZIU, I2MWZ/1 (IIA SP-013), I7JRP/7 (WAIL PU-011), IB0/IK3GES (IIA LT-009, LT-029), IM0/IS0JMA (IIA SS-144), IS0/IS0JMA (WAIL SA-002), IS0ZVJ, J73HPL, JA1XHE/JD1, JG6URG/6 (AS-036), KB5GL/4 (NA-213), LZ1KMS (EU-181), OH1/IK3GES/P (EU-173), OH8/IK3GES/P (EU-184), OZ/IK3GES/P (EU-172), P29VMS (OC-231), PS0S, R1AND, R1ANF/A, RI1POM (EU-086), SM3TLG/2 (EU-135), SM4DDS/5 (EU-177), SV0LR (EU-060), SV8/DL8MCA (EU-072), SV8/G3IZD, SV8/IT9YRE/P (EU-174), SW1OF, TE8CI, TI5/N0KE, UR5ZEL/P (EU-179), UU7J/P (EU-180), V31KX, V73GT, VE1JS (NA-127), N6HR/VE7 (NA-075), VK7TS/P (OC-233), VP6BR, VP8CQO, VQ9VK, VU2TS, WF1N/P (NA-217), XU2A, XU7AAP, YJ0AXC (OC-111), YJ0DX, YL2DZ, ZB2JO, ZC4CM, ZD9ZM (AF-029), ZF1MW, ZK1NCI, ZK2XO, ZK2ZL, ZV1IR (SA-079), ZW1MB (SA-079). *****************************************************************************



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