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425 DX News #497

13.11.2000 17:03:28

11 November 2000 No 497 =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: ! ! ! ! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information ! ! (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU) ! ! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages ! ! (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------/

3W - Bert, CX3AN will operate from Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam on 22-26 November. QSL via F6FNU. 8P - Martyn, G3RFX will be active as 8P9FX from Barbados (NA-021) on 12-26 November (not 12-16 as mistyped in 425DXN 496!). QSL via home call. Further information and pictures are available at http://www.btinternet.com/~g3rfx [TNX G3RFX] 9M2 - Alan, G3PMR, who is currently QRV from Langkawi Island (AS-058) until 16 November [425DXN 493], reports he will listen for NA each day from 11.45 UTC to 12.15 UTC on about 14042 kHz. He is aware that "the best time is probably one hour later, but this is a vacation, not a DXpedition, and I don't think the XYL would be too impressed if I didn't go to dinner with her!". 9M6 - Hide, JM1LJS will be active (on 80-6 metres SSB and CW) from East Malaysia between 11 and 14 November. QSL via JM1LJS. 9M6 - Timo, OH1NOA will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as 9M6AAC (SOAB) from Hillview Gardens, Sabah (East Malaysia). QSL via N2OO. Before and after the contest he will operate on WARC bands and hopefully 6 metres. The web site for this operation is at http://www.qsl.net/oh1noa/9m6/9m6aac.htm [TNX OH1NOA] A3 - Jan, A35TO (YL operator) and Mike, A35MO (KM9D) are active from Lifuka Island (OC-169). QSL both via OM2SA. [TNX W7TSQ and The Daily DX] A5 - A52AP is the call Jani, YB0US will be using during his 1-9 December operation from Bhutan with Charly, K4VUD/A52UD [425DXN 495]. Jani will concentrate on RTTY and the high bands. QSL A52AP via N2OO, QSL A52UD via K4VUD, [TNX The Daily DX] CN - The Bavarian Contest Club will be operating again as CN8WW (Multi-Multi) from Morocco for the CQ WW DX CW Contest (25-26 November). Before and after the contest they will be active as 5C8M on CW, SSB, RTTY, 6 metres and on the WARC bands. QSL for both via DL6FBL either direct (Bernd Och, Christian-Wirth-Str. 18, D-36043 Fulda, Germany) or through the DARC bureau. A special QSL card will be sent to those who work CN8WW on 5 or 6 bands. The web site for the operation is at http://www.dl6fbl.de/cn8ww/ [TNX DL4MC] FO_pol - Antoine, 3D2AG will operate as FO0DER from Mangareva (OC-063), French Polynesia on 14-22 November. QSL via 3D2AG. [TNX ZL2VS] FO_pol - Bruno, TK5PB plans to operate (especially on the WARC bands) as FO/TK5PB from Hao Atoll (OC-066), French Polynesia on 20-27 November. QSL via TK5PB (Bruno Padey, Le Magenta 1, Bonifacio 20169, France). [TNX TK5PB] HI - Bernd, DL2DXA will operate as DL2DXA/HI9 on 18-30 November. He will be active on all bands, mostly CW and with an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. [TNX DL2DXA] HI - Julio, AD4Z reports he will be back home and be active as HI3K between 22 November and 3 December. He will operate mostly CW on all bands, with an emphasis on 160 metres and the WARC bands. He will also participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest, most likely as SOSB. Skeds are welcome at vp5ver@hotmail.com during Julio's operation. QSL via AD4Z. HS - Tony, G4UZN will be in Thailand for the last two weeks of November. He will operate as time permits as HS0/G4UZN, including probably an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL via home call, either direct or through the bureau. [TNX G4UZN] HV - Dan, N1ND will operate as HV0A from the HV4NAC station on 23 November starting around 14 UTC. He will start on +/- 21295 kHz and move to +/- 28430 kHz around 16 UTC. QSL via IK0FVC (Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21, 00136 Roma - RM, Italy). [TNX The Daily DX] I - Look for IK7JWX/p to be active from Brindisi Lighthouse (WAIL PU-008) on 12 November. QSL via home call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX IK7JWX] J7 - Look for Gerd, DL7VOG to operate (on all bands CW and RTTY) as J79GU from Dominica (NA-101) on 10-28 November. [TNX The Daily DX] J8 - John, G0WHP will be active as J8/G0WHP or with a J8 call from 16 November to 12 December. QSL via G0WHP. [TNX The Daily DX] JA - Takeshi, JI3DST will operate (on 40, 17 15, 12, 10 and 6 metres SSB) as JI3DST/6 from Tokara Islands (AS-049) between 00.00 UTC on 23 November and 11.00 UTC on the 25th. QSL via JI3DST either direct (Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-Cho, Abeno-Ku, Osaka City, Osaka 545-0021, Japan) or, preferably, through the bureau. [TNX JI3DST] JW - The Daily DX reports that Per, LA3FL will start a six-month work contract with the North Norwegian Weather Bureau on 17 November. He will stay first on Bear Island (EU-027) and then, in January 2001, he will move to Hopen Island (EU-063). Per plans to be active as JW3FL in his spare time. KH6 - Look for N8ROD to operate (on 10 metres SSB only) as KH6/N8ROD from the Hawaiian Islands on 12-22 November. [TNX NO8C] PA - Special event station PC50N will be active (on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 metres, plus 2 metres and 70 centimetres) on 9-10 December to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nederhorst-den-Berg Radio, which, along with Kootwijk Radio, used to maintan communication with the Dutch colonies. For further information please contact Ben, PA5BW (ben.witvliet@rdr.nl). A special QSL card will be sent automatically through the bureau. PJ2 - The Caribbean Contesting Consortium (http://asgard.kent.edu/ccc/) will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as PJ2T (Multi-Single) from their new club station in Curacao (SA-006). The operators will be W0CG, KU8E, W9EFL, KP2L and possibly others. Look for activity starting around 10 November until the contest weekend with some of the operators operating /PJ2. [TNX KU8E] S9 - Matt, DA1MH expects to be active as S92DX from Principe Island (AF-044) between 18 November and 3 December. [TNX The Daily DX] S0 - The IARV (International Amateur Radio Volunteers) operators who are currently active as 5T5U from Mauritania have been issued two calls for their activity from Western Sahara [425DXN 496]: S07U (CW and SSB) and S07CRS (RTTY). Look for them between 11 and 16 November. QSL via JA1UT. [TNX JF6OJX] UA - UE9XAB and UE9XAC will be aired on all bands and modes (RTTY, PSK, CW and SSB) from Ukhta until 31 December. QSL UE9XAB via UA9XEN either direct (P.O. Box 253, Ukhta, Russia 169300) or through the bureau. QSL UE9XAC via UA9XK either direct (P.O. Box 110, Ukhta, Russia 169300) or through the bureau. Information about the award associated with this activity can be found at http://dx.komi.ru [TNX UA9XEN] UA - Alex, RU0LM (ex RA0LOM) will be active as RU0LM/0 from Shikotan Island (AS-062) for a couple of days starting around 15 November. QSL direct only via UA0MF (Mike Filippov, P.O. Box 20, Vladivostok, 690021, Russia). [TNX UA0MF] V4 - Larry, KJ4UY reports he will operate as V47UY from St. Kitts (NA-104) on 10-18 December. Karl, V44NK will loan him a tribander and Larry will be taking an R7 vertical. QSL via KJ4UY. VE - Yuri, VA3UZ will be active again as VE2IM from Sept-Iles (Zone 2) between 22 and 27 November, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. Before and after the contest he will concentrate on the WARC bands. QSL via VA3UZ either direct (Yuri Onipko, 66 Cavell Ave., Toronto, ON, M8V 1P2, Canada) or through the bureau. [TNX VA3UZ] VK0_mac - Alan, VK0MM [425DXN 488] is now expected to leave Macquarie Island on 17 December. He will continue being active on 20 metres CW and SSB with some activity on 30 metres as well. QSL route still TBA. QRV times for VK0MM are available at http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html W - Joe, W4SAA will operate (CW and SSB) as W4SAA/p from Virginia Key (NA-141) on 11 and 12 November. QSL via W4SAA either direct (Joe Hornbach, 1650 NE 135 St. Apt 807, North Miami, FL 33181-1737, USA) or through the bureau. [TNX W4SAA] ZF - Jim, K4BI plans to be active as ZF2MU from the Cayman Islands (NA-016) between 16 and 23 November. [TNX The Daily DX] ZF - John/K6AM, Dan/N9XX, Vicky/AE9YL (ex KB5EAM) and Carl/K9LA plan to be on Grand Cayman (NA-016) on 21-28 November. K6AM, N9XX and K9LA are participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as SOSB follows: ZF2AM (QSL via K6AM) on 15 metres, ZF2RR (QSL via N9XX) on 10 metres and ZF2LA (QSL via K9LA) on 40 metres, while ZF2YL (QSL via AE9YL) will be active on SSB during the contest. [TNX N9XX].

AGALEGA 2001 ---> The 3B6RF DXpedition, originally planned for 8-24 October and cancelled at the very last minute for reasons beyond the operators' control [425DXN 492], has been officially rescheduled to take place in May 2001 (16 days starting on the 5th or the 6th). Some members of the original Agalega 2000 team will not be able to participate in the new adventure; if interested in joining the crew please e-mail Hans-Peter Blaettler, HB9BXE (hb9bxe@pilatusnet.ch). [TNX HB9BXE] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LIGHTHOUSES ---> The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, co-sponsors of the annual August Lighthouse Lightship events, is now sponsoring a new annual event: Lighthouse Christmas Lights, to be held from 18 December 2000 through 2 January 2001. For full information e-mail Jim, K2JXW (k2jxw@amsat.org) or visit http://arlhs.com [TNX K2JXW]

RSGB/IOTA CONVENTION ---> Another nice photo gallery is now available at http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~iota/ thanks Yuki, JI6KVR.

QSL 9G5MD ---> Derek, F5VCR operated as 9G5MD during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via F5VCR - please note that G3OCA is the QSL manager for 9G5MD operating from Abowkwa Island (AF-084, April 2000).

QSL E30TA ---> Chris, DL5NAM reminds DXers that 1 US$ (2,15 DM) does not cover postage for outside Europe (3,00 DM). Online logs (over 26,000 QSOs) are available at http://www.qsl.net/e30ta

QSL PS7SAS ---> While announcing his partecipation in the Worked All Europe RTTY Contest this weekend, Sergio, PS7SAS says he will QSL only direct due to problems with the local bureau. However there is no need for you to send IRCs: "only the card", Sergio states, "and I will pay it".

QSL VIA I5JHW ---> Giovanni, I5JHW is still receiving dozens of cards for 3V8BB operations he cannot QSL. Please note that I5JHW has already confirmed, either direct or through the bureau, all of the contacts he made from Tunisia as follows: YEAR FROM TO CALL(S) 1997 28 April 4 May 3V8BB and TS8ZA during the ARI Contest 1998 25 March 30 March 3V8BB and TS5I during the WPX Contest 1998 1 May 4 May 3V8BB (ARI Contest) 1998 11 December 14 December 3V8BB (incl. ARRL 10m Contest) 1999 5 March 7 March 3V8BB (incl. ARRL DX Contest) 1999 30 April 2 May 3V8BB (incl. ARI Contest) 1999 19 June 21 June 3V8DJ (AF-083) 1999 10 December 13 December 3V8BB (incl. ARRL 10m Contest) 2000 19 March 21 March 3V8BT (Tozeur) 2000 24 March 26 March 3V8BT (AF-073) 2000 2 May 3 May 3V8BB (incl. ARI Contest on RTTY)

QSL VIA IK3GES ---> Gabriele reports he is the QSL manager for the following operations by Elvira, IV3FSG: BY1BJ/IV3FSG, EA8/IV3FSG, IO3A (contest), IV3FSG, LZ/IV3FSG, YU/IV3FSG, Z38A (contest), Z38B (contest), Z38/IV3FSG, ZA/IV3FSG.

QSL VIA PT7AA ---> Tino, PT7AA (pt7aa@fordx.ampr.org) is the new QSL manger for (TNX PS7AB): PS7ABT/S9 AF-023 S.Tome 24 Oct 84 SSB ZY0FKL SA-003 F. de Noronha 09-13 Sep 87 SSB/CW/RTTY ZY0FCM SA-003 F. de Noronha 09-13 Sep 87 SSB/CW ZY0FCA SA-003 F. de Noronha 09-13 Sep 87 SSB/RTTY ZY0FRT SA-003 F. de Noronha 09-13 Sep 87 SSB ZY0FMC SA-003 F. de Noronha 09-13 Sep 87 SSB/RTTY ZY0TF SA-010 Trindade 04-07 Jun 88 CW/RTTY ZY0TK SA-010 Trindade 04-07 Jun 88 SSB/CW/RTTY ZY0TR SA-010 Trindade 04-07 Jun 88 SSB/CW/RTTY ZY0SS SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 14-20 May 89 SSB ZY0SW SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 14-20 May 89 CW ZY0SY SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 17-18 May 89 RTTY ZY0FA SA-003 F.Noronha 11-15 Oct 89 CW ZY0TK SA-010 Trindade 11-12 Jun 90 SSB ZY0TW SA-010 Trindade 11-12 Jun 90 CW ZX8CW SA-041 Sao Joao Isl. 10-13 Oct 90 CW ZY0RK SA-038 Atol das Rocas 23-24 Feb 91 SSB/CW PY0SK SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 05-12 May 91 SSB/CW ZY0RK SA-038 Atol das Rocas 19 Aug-4 Sep 91 Satellite ZY0RW SA-038 Atol das Rocas 17-29 Oct 91 CW ZW8AA SA-025 S.ta Isabel Isl. 19-22 Mar 92 SSB/CW ZY0RW SA-038 Atol das Rocas 18 Jul-2 Aug 92 CW ZY0SK SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 03-08 Feb 94 SSB/Satellite ZY0SP SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 03-08 Feb 94 CW PY0FK SA-003 F. de Noronha 20-22 Jan 95 Satellite ZY0SK SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 03-14 Feb 97 SSB ZY0SG SA-014 SP & SP Arch. 03-14 Feb 97 CW PT7AA/PR8 SA-072 Canarias Isl. 22-24 Jun 00 CW ZV7AA - Special call 14 Jul-14 Feb 97 CW

XQ0Y ---> "There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding my call in the SSB CQWW", Bruce, KD6WW says. "I was given the call sign XQ0Y for the time period 26-30 October 2000. Apparently, this callsign has been used by a pirate in the past. I even had one person tell me when I was cqing with no answer that no one was calling because I was a pirate! I will be happy to confirm contacts made with XQ0Y for the time period of 26-30 October 2000".

+ SILENT KEY + Norby, LX1NO reports that Toni, Z21KD/XW4XJ died on 19 October in an airplane crash while on a business trip in Laos. Tony had been in Laos since June and was able to get his XW licence in late September [425DXN 492]. Norby will try to get hold of Toni's logs, but for the time being please refrain from sending any QSL requests for Z21KD or XW4XJ to either Toni's address in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe or his German callsign. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

FK8GM: Eric reports his new web pages, including on-line logs, are under construction at http://www.qsl.net/fk8gm LOGS: http://www.qsl.net/va3rj/frame_logs.html now contains links to 1692 on-line logs. It is updated daily by Dave, VA3RJ, who also maintains a list (by date) of present and upcoming island, lighthouse, castle and other portable operations (http://www.qsl.net/va3rj/icpo.html). [TNX VA3RJ, va3rj@rac.ca] LOGvrr: The updated manager files (by IV3EHH) for LOGvrr are now available at http://www.iv3ehh.it/managers.htm [TNX IN3VRR, in3vrr@eclipse-net.it]

QSL received via direct: 1A0KM, 3A/OH2TA, 3A2K, 3W6DXI, 4W/W3UR, 4W6EB (OC-148), 4W6GH, 4W6MM, 5A1A, 5H1/PA3GIO (AF-063), 5H3/PA3GIO (AF-054), 5H3RK, 5I3A (AF-087), 5V7VJ, 7P8/ZS5GMW, 8J1RL (AN-015), 9J2A, A52FH, AP2JZB, BD4ED, BD4ED/4 (AS-136), BI4L (AS-146), C36PM, CP6EB, CU3/CT1EEB (EU-175), CU3FV, D2BB, D44BS/p (AF-086), E29DX (AS-145), E4/JA1PBV, E41/OK1DTP, EA1HP/p (DIE N-396), EM1LV, EM5UIA (EU-179, EU-180, EU-182), EU1GC, FH5CB, FK8VHN, FO0CLA, FO0MOT/P, FO0SUC, FR5ZQ/G, GU3EJL, H40MY, HF0POL, HH2SJR, HR6/W5WW (NA-057), HS0/G4JMB, HS0/JH1IWI, I2MWZ/1 (IIA SP-013), I7JRP/7 (WAIL PU-011), IB0/IK3GES (IIA LT-009, LT-029), IK7FPX/7 (EU-091), IK2PZG/8 (IIA NA-035, 046, 051), IL7/IK4RUX (EU-050), IM0/IS0JMA (IIA SS-144), IS0/IS0JMA (WAIL SA-002), IR2ANT, JI3DST/6 (AS-049), JJ8XNA (AS-147), JX7DFA, NH6D/KH4, LZ2CJ/1 (EU-181), OH0B, PS0S, RI1POM (EU-086), S05R, ST0P, SV8/I1SNW/p (EU-060), SV9ANH, T32O, T88JJ, TA2BK, TE8CH (NA-116), TE8CI (NA-117), TR0A/p (AF-089), TX0DX, UA2FB, VI2BI (OC-212), VK6BM (OC-234), XR0ZY, XU7AAY, XX9AU, YC9ID (OC-150), YJ0AXC (OC-111), YP1W (EU-183), ZD9ZM, ZK1AUS, ZK1SCQ (OC-159), ZK3RW, ZL9CI. *****************************************************************************

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=========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** ******* CALENDAR ******* =========================== Edited by I1JQJ


01/01-31/12 IOTA 2000 (http://www.cdxc.org.uk) *** till 17/11 3B8: Mauritius (AF-049) * by DL7DF and DL7BO 491 till 26/11 3W2LWS: Vietnam * by WA1LWS 496 till 31/12 3Z: special prefix (Poland) 454 till February 4W6FK: East Timor * by CT1FKN 488 till 30/11 5B40: special prefix (Cyprus) 478 till 31/12 9AY2K: special Millennium station 451 till 16/11 9M2/G3PMR: Langkawi Island (AS-058) 497 till ?? A35TO & A35MO: Lifuka (OC-169) 497 till 11/11 A35YL and A35ZG: Tonga * by DJ7ZG & DL7AFS 491 till ?? FO0DEH: Reao Atoll (OC-238) * by ON4QM 493 till 31/12 HB2: special Y2K prefix (Switzerland) 453 till December HF0POL: South Shetlands (AN-010) * by SP3GVX 490 till 31/12 HF70PZK: special event station (Poland) 453 till 31/12 II0CV: special call 451 till 24/12 II0: special jubilee prefix 452 till 31/12 IR5ONU: special event station 485 till 31/12 IU0PAW: Jubilee Year special station 468 till 22/11 J3/W1AIM: Carriacou Island (NA-147) 496 till 15/11 KH2: Guam Island (OC-026) * by JAs 493 till 12/11 OO4CLM: special evet station 495 till 15/11 PJ2/PA0VDV: Curacao (SA-006) 493 till 16/11 S07U and S07CRS: Western Sahara * by IARV 497 till 31/12 SI75A & SIxSSA: SSA 75th anniversary stations (Sweden) 445 till 31/12 SP2000S and SN2000C: special stations 496 till 31/12 SY2A: Mount Athos * by SV2ASP/A 459 till 20/11 TZ6JA: Mali 494 till 2001 UA0QBA: Kotelny Island (AS-028) 477 till 30/11 UE4SMA: special event station 495 till 31/12 UE9XAB and UE9XAC: special stations 497 till 30/11 VI5RAS: special event call 495 till 17/12 VK0MM: Macquarie Island 497 till 13/11 VK6DIR: Direction Island (OC-140) 493 till 19/11 VP2M: Montserrat (NA-103): by W6JKV, K6MYC, K5AND 495 till 28/02 VQ9PO: Diego Garcia (AF-006) * by W3PO 495 till December VQ9QM: Chagos (AF-006) * by W4QM 482 till 20/11 YU130Z: special station 493 till 11/11 ZM8CW: Kermadec * by ZL3CW 493 till 31/12 ZS0M: South Africa * by ZS6MG 477 09/11-22/11 4S7WHG: Sri Lanka (AS-003) * by G3SWH 491 10/11-12/11 CQ2K: special call * by CT1BWW and CT1DGK 496 10/11-28/11 J79GU: Dominica (NA-101) * by DL7VOG 497 11/11-14/11 9M2: East Malaysia * by JM1LJS 497 11/11 EA5KB: El Recati (DIEI V-010) 496 11/11-12/11 W4SAA/p: Virginia Key (NA-141) 497 12/11-26/11 8P9FX: Barbados (NA-021) * by G3RFX 497 12/11 EA5KB: El Tancat (DIEI V-012) 496 12/11 IK7JWX/p: Brindisi Lighthouse (WAIL PU-008) 497 12/11-22/11 KH6/N8ROD: Hawaii 497 from 12/11 W0CG, KU8E, W9EFL, KP2L/PJ2 + PJ2T: Curacao (SA-006) 497 14/11-22/11 FO0DER: Mangareva (OC-063), Fr. Polynesia * by 3D2AG 497 14/11-24/11 JA6GXK: Me-shima, Danjo Islands (AS-056) 495 14/11-28/11 TS7N: Kerkennah Is (AF-073) * by DLs 493 15/11-17/11 RU0LM/0: Shikotan Island (AS-062) 497 16/11-12/12 J8/G0WHP or J8xx: St. Vincent 497 16/11-23/11 ZF2MU: Cayman Islands (NA-016) * by K4BI 497 17/11-01/12 GD4UOL: Isle of Man (EU-116) * by G4UOL 493 from 17/11 JW3FL: Bear (EU-027) & Hopen (EU-063) Isls * by LA3FL 497 17/11-19/11 SEANET Convention Pattaya, Thailand 478 18/11-30/11 DL2DXA/HI9: Dominican Republic 497 18/11-03/12 S92DX: Principe Island (AF-044) * by DA1MH 497 18/11-28/11 YJ: Efate (OC-035), Vanuatu * by Prairie DX Group 487 18/11-19/11 All Austrian 160m Contest (CW) 493 19/11-29/11 YJ0PD & YJ0V: Efate (OC-035), Vanuatu * by Prairie DXG 495 19/11-10/12 ZK2VF: Niue (OC-040) * by W7TVF 491 20/11-27/11 FO/TK5PB: Hao Atoll (OC-066), French Polynesia 497 21/11-03/12 8Q7TX & 8Q7WW: Maldives (AS-013) * by DF4XX & DL5XAT 493 21/11-28/11 K3TEJ/C6A & C6AKW: Abaco (NA-080) 495 21/11-28/11 ZF2AM, ZF2RR, ZF2LA, ZF2YL: Cayman Isls (NA-016) 497 22/11-26/11 3W: Vietnam * by CX3AN 497 22/11-03/12 HI3K: Dominican Republic * by AD4Z 497 22/11-27/11 VE2IM: Zone 2 * by VA3UZ 497 23/11 HV0A: Vatican City * by N1ND 497 23/11-25/11 JI3DST/6: Tokara Islands (AS-049) 497 23/11-27/11 NH0S, NH0V, KH0/KD6CJF, KH0/JQ1UKK: OC-086 493 24/11-25/11 KL7USI: Unalaska Island (NA-059) 471 25/11-11/12 HC1MD & HC1MD/HCx: Ecuador * by NE8Z 493 25/11-26/11 CQ WW DX Contest (CW) *** 26/11 KL7USI: IOTA new one 471 November 5C8M & CN8WW (CQ WW CW) * by DLs 497 November HS0/G4UZN: Thailand 497 November S21YD: Bangladesh * by SM6CPY 495

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