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Joerg Sykora
Bornweg 5
Cunewalde 02733

тел. 049 35877 21182
Information from QRZ.COM
Домашняя страница: http://www.sykora-gmbh.de
Просмотров: 5,154
I am 38 years old, married with two children Henrik and Philipp. I am mostly active on the HF bands, that's where you are most likely to hear me. At Home: I´m using ICOM 756PRO HF-rig with a OM2500 new amplifier (GU84B) - connected to home-made wire Delta Loops. For 2m and 70cm a YAESU FT-736r into 2 X-Quad-Antennas (2m 10-elem. and 70cm 16-elem.). Mobil and Portable: I’m also in my car mobil QRV and portable (camping and weekend house)on HF and VHF.. In my car is built in a ICOM 706 MK2G with an Henry SS750 Solid-State amplifier into a Maldol mobil-antenna. I have a 3-elem. StepIR beam in my weekend-QTH. I also QSL 100% and if you would like my QSL card you can do so either direct or via the Buro. I'm interested in sked's via email (at the weekends).
Other Interests: Table Tennis, Fishing, Camping

Hope to hear on the bands and

Best 73's de DM3KW - Joerg -
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